Sunday, August 16, 2015

Game Notes!

Well, first of all, the obligatory #RPGaDay2015 post.

Longest Game Session Played: Oh, that's easy. Check it out.

I started running World of Darkness games in 1994, when Wraith: The Oblivion came out. My Wraith game was a gateway drug into the rest of the WoD; it hadn't been my intention to bother (because the Vampire section of my FLGS was this intimidating green wall), but I wanted to know more about these worlds, so I bought and read every damn thing that came out for the World of Darkness. And I ran those games.

I mean, you gotta understand. I've mentioned that I ran Chill three or four nights a week in college, right? That was only until spring 1994 or so. And then Wraith came out that summer, and I transferred that same schedule to the World of Darkness.

We'd play games at the drop of a hat. One of us ("us" being me, my brother Jonathan, Carrie, Mikal, and later Jeff) would get a hair to run a WoD game, and boom, we'd figure out who was around and down to play, make characters, and bang, new chronicle. "One-shots" never lasted just one session, but games also rarely got finished. I had a huge binder, arranged by city, with the character sheets of the folks in that city - PCs and important NPCs (where "important" meant "Matt took the time to stat, which is pretty much everybody").

This went on for five years. The games got less frequent toward the end, but I was still running them, still adding new chronicles. And then, in 1999, I got married and we moved to Cleveland. I wanted a send-off for my World of Darkness, so I invited the players to Cleveland to play the end of the world (this was, you'll notice, five full years before White Wolf did Time of Judgment).

So it was me, Sarah, Carrie, Ally, Brandyn, Jonathan, Todd, Ryan, Mike, and Kevin. We all chipped in for Ally's plane ticket, because she was in New England somewhere, but the rest were in Toledo. We played for 13 solid hours, basically five separate sessions with everyone playing old characters, and we ended the world. Everyone was fucking knackered by the end, but it was awesome.

Anyway, that's enough space. How about some game notes?


So, mainly I need to come up with some stuff, and there are characters I should stat at some point. 

The Hunters: Carlos Montes (Puerto Rican by birth, now works as a radiologist at Cleveland Clinic), Tim Gorman (Army vet, some lingering PTSD, paranoid), Len Dumbowski (banker, skeet shooter, lots of money socked away), Isla Vernon (an undercover rep from the Cheiron Group; she's got some thaumatech, but she isn't sharing it - mostly she just wants to check out what's doing here in Cleveland so CG can decide if they want to up their presence, since it'd be easy through the Clinic). 

They're meeting up to practice the Dentistry Tactic. 

The Victims: Tyler left Dillon Markway, a small-time criminal and fence, for dead in an alley after setting him on fire. He was taken to the burn unit at Metro, and then Grace MacIntyre came and saw him (one of the nurses there knows her). She told him her usual spiel - she can heal him, and give him time to put things right. She performed the ritual, and now he's effectively immortal for a month (and then he'll die). He's decided that one of the things he's going to do is destroy Tyler Townsend, so he's tossing cinderblocks in the window and so forth, trying to rattle his cage. 

Meanwhile, the actual thief is a drug addict named Bianca Walker. Bianca just wanted a fix, and figured she could fence the spyglass to Dillon. She's since gained the Fugue Condition, and slips into a catatonic state whenever someone surprises her or she feels threatened. Since Mariana found her last time, and Tyler called in help, she's been taken to a psych unit and is in rehab. 

The Ship: The ship, called the Lake Monster, belonged to Mike and Eileen Penn. They and their daughter Rachel (20, at the time) went out on the boat in March 2008 (just over a year ago), but the boat sank when something smashed in the hull. Rachel was presumed dead, but her parents survived and still live in Cleveland. 

What really happened? An idigam (let's just go ahead and use Gagh-Azur) sent one of its Mawspawn out a-hunting. As it got closer, its Influence warped poor Rachel, which was the weirdness she experienced right before the Mawspawn punched through the hull and carried her away. Rachel is gone, but the Mawspawn that killed her is still around, and if Maia goes poking around, she'll arouse its attention. Gagh-Azur itself is far enough out into the lake or out to sea that it isn't going to be a problem unless someone goes looking. The Bridge Pack could probably shed some light on the issue if Maia finds them. 

The Date: Maia's gonna be out on a boat. The temptation to have the Mawspawn attack is great, but I do wonder if that's too on the nose. I think I'll wing it. In-game, it's Sunday, May 24. Events:

  • Maia's date with Ryan. 
  • Dillon needs to hit the store or Tyler in some way again, or go and visit Bianca, maybe smother her with a pillow or something. 
  • Hunters are meeting up at the baseball field to practice with bats. 
  • Elle dies in her sleep that night.