Thursday, August 13, 2015

Board Game: The Walking Dead

Board games forever!

The Game: The Walking Dead
The Publisher: Cryptozoic
Time: Half-hour or so
Players: Me, +Michelle, Al, Will

Atlanta, overrun.

Game Play: This is actually pretty interesting. Up to four players can play, you start off choosing a character (from the show, which I've not watched past the pilot and this rap battle, so I don't know these people, really). Each character has a special power that they can use once per game. I played Rick Grimes, and mine was that once a game I could reroll for a fight and add 2 to the result.

At the start, it's a competitive game: you've got four locations on the board, in the corners, and you need to visit them, have two encounters, and then you get a little token that gives you a special bonus or an item. Spaces on the board might be well-fortified, giving you a bonus to fight zombies, might let you draw a Scrounge card, but mostly they're blank and you draw an encounter card.

Encounter cards are usually zombie attacks, and you need to match or beat the zombies' Strength with a d6. That's awkward because I do believe 6 is the lowest Strength you find. You have to make up the difference with Scrounge cards, which are typically weapons, mostly one-use. If you lose, you lose an Ally token (you start with two and can pick up more on the board). If you have no allies, you dead.

Yep. Just like that.

Will, becoming a walker.
One the second players dies, the first two become walkers and can chase the remaining two around the board to eat them and win. If one human player gets all four location tiles and makes it back to camp, they win! Another complication: The Scrounge deck doesn't get reshuffled. Once it's out, it's out, and you're pretty much hosed.

Zombies win. 
Opinions: I like this game; it's a good attempt to make a board game that captures the brutal atmosphere of a zombie property. It'd definitely play different with fewer people because you wouldn't deplete the Scrounge deck as fast, and we'd definitely play it differently if we played it again, because there are times where you have the option to take two Scrounge cards or one from the discard pile, which would prolong things considerably.

Keep? Yep.