Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beast: Smashed Windows and Sunk Boats

I ran the second session in my Beast: The Primordial game last night. Almost didn't; we drove in from Indy yesterday and Michelle and I were tired, but the game is just starting up and it was important to me to build some momentum.

So! The characters hung out in the bar and chatted about Doc Bones and little bit. Tyler was concerned that she might be granting people time when they shouldn't have it, cheating the Reaper, as it were, but the others felt that all she was doing was improving the lots of people who were going to die. During lunch, Tyler got a phone call from the Parma police - someone had vandalized his shop. The others in the brood asked if he wanted them to tag along, and he said no, so they tagged along anyway.

Someone had thrown a cinderblock through the window of the shop, and then sprayed something on the door and lit it (the door was scorched, but it hadn't caught). Tyler was annoyed; he'd just had that glass replaced. He checked the closed-circuit TV and identified the vandal as the guy he'd set on fire for trying to fence his stuff...and the guy didn't have so much as a scorch mark on him. How strange. He asked Miriana to look in on the woman he'd fed on the day before, just to make sure she wasn't involved.

The brood split up for the afternoon. Maia went to Lake Erie, activated her Heart of the Ocean Atavism, and went swimming around. She found a shipwreck not far off the coast, and inside, she found an unclaimed Chamber. She touched the walls and saw a vision of girl sitting on a bed in a cabin, staring in horror at her hand as her fingers twisted and elongated. And then something thumped against the side of the boat, smashing it in, and Maia saw something huge and hair slither in as the boat sank.

Maia realized if she could figure out what happened, she could add this shipwreck to her Lair. Enthused by the thought, she went to the library to check out some news stories about shipwrecks; the wreck couldn't be more than a year old.

Miriana did indeed drop by the woman's place, and found her door unlocked and her on the couch, catatonic. The place was a Chamber, and Miriana called up Tyler and told him so. Miriana then went to the park and started looking around for people jogging and not appreciating what was around them. She found a woman with a FitBit, running along, and used her You Can Never Rest Nightmare on her to scare her. The woman picked up the pace, and Miriana chased her until the woman outran her, and Miriana's Horror fed on the fear.

John, meanwhile, did some digging into his next potential mark. The guy, Leonard, had a son named Max on John's Little League team, and Leonard was very much of the "win! WIIIN!" school of parenting. John hacked his social media and found that Leonard had been a football player in his youth, but now worked for a bank and was fair uninteresting...except he had a quasi-monthly charge at a scuzzy motel over on Pearl, just into Strongsville. John, figuring he was about due for another such meeting, staked the place out, and saw Leonard arrive. He followed him around back and peeked in the window, and saw Leonard with a woman...and three other guys. No, not like that. They were talking.

John used Shadowed Soul and slipped in through the shadow, listening in. They talked about Dillon, a fence who'd been brought into the ER the day before claiming a guy had breathed fire on him, but now he was perfectly fine. The group decided he wasn't a "bloodsucker" since this had happened during the day, but he'd bear watching. John, funnily enough, felt the same way about these folks.

Tyler went by his victim's house and knocked, and heard a thud from within. He found the woman collapsed in the hall, so clearly she'd been up and around a bit. He realized he could turn this place into a Chamber, but didn't fancy the idea of an inhabited one, so he just called EMS to come look after the catatonic woman and went on his way.

Next time: Maia has a date with Ryan on his boat. Tyler is looking for Dillon. John continues his investigations.