Friday, July 24, 2015

Part-Time Gods: All Things in Moderation

The other night I ran a quick game of Part-Time Gods, in preparation for a review I'll be writing for (I'm running the Fate version tomorrow). I figured I'd better do the write-up before I forget. I had been planning to do it before I went to Chicago, but then I was gone an extra day, so anyway.

The game was set in Nashville, TN. Our characters:

  • Laquetta Johnson, Goddess of Doors: She runs a no-kill shelter and helps the local homeless get back on their feet ("doors" as in "transitions to new places/lives"). Phoenix Society. 
  • Jasper Stone, Goddess of Sound: She's a sound engineer. She used to be in a band called Violet Crush, but she left when she realized her real interest and talent was behind the scenes. Phoenix Society. 
  • Maxwell Black, God of Wandering Performers: Performs as a porn star under the name "Morgan Snow." Travels around a lot doing shoots. Drifting Kingdoms. 
  • Melody Spires, Goddess of Wine: She owns a vineyard outside of Nashville, called "Devotion." Phoenix Society. 
Our characters are a concert at a club. Violet Crush is performing, and Jasper is running sound. Maxwell is there with some of his fellow performers. Laquetta is there because the bassist in Violet Crush is a girl she helped get back on her feet, and Melody is there because the club is selling Devotion's wines as a promo. 

Jasper notes that the stage manager is drunk - like, missing cues drunk. Maxwell notices that some of his friends are getting inebriated more quickly than he'd think, and Melody, likewise, notices that people are sipping her wine and coming away drunk-er. The gods note this and take stock as best they can, but then the curtains on the stage catch fire. 

Maxwell teleports the band outside using Banish, and Laquetta uses Aegis to make the curtains invulnerable to keep the fire from spread. The show is over, though; everyone evacuates. Jasper checks, and realizes that the fire started because the curtains weren't raised properly; they were situated over a light that got too hot. In other words, the drunk stage manage missed a cue. 

Melody uses Oracle to try and narrow this down, and realizes that this is due to Divine influence, but not hers. There's a new god around, but not someone they've met. 

They set about tracking down the power they're feeling. Laquetta finds a dog (she has the Beast Tongue Entitlement) and asks it about seeing drunk people. The dog says he's seen people coming out of that building over there acting drunk. The gods expect this to be a bar...but it's a center where AA meetings happen. Too weird. 

They approach the place and find someone still in residence. They knock and find that he's a) one of the counselors and b) drunk. Melody can tell, however, that he hasn't actually had anything to drink. They question him a bit, and learn that at a meeting last week, a guy came into the building, very ill, and died, apparently of alcohol poisoning. Since gods can pass on their Spark when they die, the characters figure that must be what happened. Jasper uses Oracle to listen back in time to the meeting in question, and hears the drunk guy come in, the shock and consternation from the folks there, and someone say, "Galen, you've got medical training, right?" Galen agrees...and now Jasper has heard his voice.

She uses her mastery of sound to track him to a bar. The characters enter, though first Melody uses her Aegis to shield them from becoming drunk. They see Galen in the bar, and everyone, including him, is soused (except the bartender, how strange). They talk to him, and realize that he's become the god of drunkeness.

Through judicious use of Soothing Aura and creating a bubble that no sound can escape from (so that the other folks in the room can't hear them), the gods talk to him and help him realize that his influence is getting out of control and he needs to tone it down, or people might get hurt. As a former alcoholic himself (it's hard to think of the god of drunkenness as an addict; he kind of gets a pass?), he can understand that. The characters pledge to help him figure out how to control his powers, and they all decide to go out for a drink.

Of coffee, perhaps.