Thursday, July 23, 2015

Matt's GenCon 2015 Schedule

Just in case you want to find me at GenCon and, like, hug me. Or talk about gaming. Whichever.

Matt’s Schedule

Wednesday: Running a game of Chill for our Indianapolis Regional Coordinator backers.
Thursday: From 3PM to 6PM I’ll be at the Indie Game Developer Network booth. That’s booth 734, it’s right near Indie Press Revolution. I’ll be happy to talk about Chill, sell you books, sign books, and hear about your characters. From 8PM to Midnight, I’ll be running Beast: The Primordial in the Downtown Marriott, ballroom 9. The game is full, but you never know. Show up with tokens and see if a slot opens!
Friday: From 10AM to 2PM I’ll be running Chill at the Indie Game Developer Network’s game HQ (Downtown Marriott ballroom 7, which is a really good place to stop and see a bunch of awesome games in action). Again, it’s sold out, but that doesn’t always mean anything. At 3PM, I’m on the What’s Up with the New World of Darkness? panel for Onyx Path Publishing, in Crowne Plaza Central Ballroom D. From 5PM to 6PM, I’ll be at booth #1103 (Onyx Path) to sign books and talk about World of Darkness stuff (but I’ll probably talk about Chill if you ask me, too). From 6PM to 8PM, I’ll be at the IGDN Game HQ (Marriott Ballroom 7, remember) to sign books and talk about Chill (but if you ask me about World of Darkness stuff, I’ll probably talk about it, too).
Saturday: From 2PM to 6PM, I’ll be running curse the darkness at the IGDN Game HQ. Again, game’s sold out, but show up if you want to play and we’ll see what we can do.
Sunday: From 10AM to Noon-ish, I’m running Clay-o-Rama. Yeah, the one where you make monsters out of Play-Doh and make them fight. Sold out, might still have slots, etc. That’s in the ICC Family Fun Pavilion. And then from noon to 2PM, I’m in the IGDN booth (#734) doing Chill demos.
If I haven’t said where I’m going to be during a time, it’s because I’m a) playing in a game somewhere or b) unaccounted for and will probably be eating. Downtown Marriott Ballroom 7 is a pretty good place to look for me.