Saturday, July 11, 2015

Board Game: Murder of Crows

Told ya we played two last night.

The Game: Murder of Crows
The Publisher: Atlas Games
Time: 10 minutes, maybe more depending on how many players
Players: Me, +Michelle, Al, Will

Al considers MURDER.
 The Game: You've got a deck of cards, all of which (except for a few wild cards) have one of the letters of the word "MURDER." They also have a line of a murder story; Rs have characters, Ms have beginning lines, and so on. If you're the first to spell MURDER, you win, and get to recite your story!

Each card also has an effect. "D" is "Drain", for example, and you can drain a card away from other players' Murders. "R" is "Reap," so you get an extra card. Each card also has a number of crows, if someone plays a card on you, you can cancel it by playing a card with the same number of crows.

Opinions: I like this game a lot. The rules are really simple and intuitive, the art is fun, and the cards are varied enough that there's probably some replay value.

My winning Murder.

Keep? Yep!