Sunday, July 5, 2015

Beast Notes

Need to take some notes about my upcoming Beast game. Players stay out.

You staying out? Good.


We've got a decent setup going. I kind of want to keep this character focused, rather than plot-focused. I want the characters to be doing their own thing with their feeding and Hungers and Horrors and stuff, and, god help me, keep the setting kind of sandboxy. So, here's what I'm thinking:

  • Make the story about World of Darkness: Cleveland. That means I need to nail down the supernatural scene a bit. 
  • Make it a Beast story. Still figuring out what that means, but delving into darkness? Building a Legend? Expanding a Lair? Matt's character has room to add a Chamber, so that'll be fun. 
  • Bring in Heroes, but let it happen organically. That means wait until the PCs do something silly and disturb the Primordial Dream. 
I think this will benefit from being a chronicle, not just a story, which is problematic because I would like to get back to Chill at some point. Maybe we alternate, I dunno. 

Anyway. Looking at Glimpses of the Unknown, I like Doctor Bones. The notion of a Sin-Eater being the...well, if not antagonist, the special friend, of the game, will be fun, especially given that the Apex is a Sin-Eater. I'll need to do a little tweaking due to rules edition differences, but it shouldn't be much. I should stat her up. 

So let's start tomorrow with Elle King, Miriana's neighbor, calling up Miriana and asking if she'll help her find a home for her cats. She's got a few days left, but after that she'll die peacefully in her sleep. I'm gonna need a couple other plot points, though. 

Well, let's see what we think about WoD: Cleveland. I should just keep this post on standby.

Vampire: The only vampiric presence I've established is Trey Bond, and he's not really up in the hierarchy. Maia has a Ventrue friend named Mikhail Rozen. I think the predominant covenant in Cleveland is the Carthian Movement, edging out the Invictus in the 1920s and 30s as the black population grew and the Carthians took advantage of the changing population. Cleveland's vampires haven't observed a "prince" kind of role in some time (maybe because of Ai'tahe's influence, but it's hard to say), but a Carthian named Adonis North (Embraced in 1929, originally from Kentucky) is the oldest active Kindred in the city. His word isn't law, but it's worth a lot. 

Werewolves: We haven't established anything about werewolves in Cleveland. Neat! Well, Miriana is friends with a pack that operates out of nearby Wellington, OH, and comes into the city occasionally. Her friend is Niki Banister; let's say Niki is an Irraka Hunter in Darkness (there must be a sacred place out there, else why the hell would the pack stay in Wellington?). In the city proper, we've got three main packs. The East Side boasts a pack of Storm Lords; they guard a locus in that huge-ass building on Harlem and 55th. The Bride Pack (Iron Masters and Blood Talons) claim territory downtown and in the financial district. They watch out of the statues on the bridge, and claim guardianship over the city's spirit-scape. The Last Stop Pack claims territory near the airport (Bone Shadows). The Pure have one pack in the area; a pack of Ivory Claws in East Cleveland. They're waiting on reinforcements from up north, but they've been waiting a long time. 

Mages: The Untold Stories cabal (Billy Pilgrim, Oswalt, Chupacabra, and Gemini) still lives out in Strongsville. Kelly Clark is a Thrysus Arrow; she might actually show up, since she's an EMT. You've gotta figure that there was a power vacuum while Ai'tahe was still preventing Awakenings in the city, and now there might be a rush to fill it. I know that the Golden Lion cabal is active in Erie was looking to move in to Cleveland, but it'd be interesting to have some Seer presence. For now, let's say that the mage scene in Cleveland is in flux, and if players stumble upon it and want to pursue it, I'll bone up on Second Edition a bit more.

Changelings: I actually do know a bit about this. Stanislaus is the Autumn King, now, following Blanco being ousted. Skadi is the Winter Queen, now that she's been released from Blanco's power. I don't think there's a summer or spring monarch that's been named. Oh, no, wait, turns out the summer queen is named Tressa (I think she's an elemental). Let's keep to the traditional Courts, because I like them. Cleveland has a decent changeling population, but it's neither safe nor stable. The Market-That-Isn't appears here sometimes. Burgis is still around, heartbroken after losing his best chance to return to his mistress (he lives downtown and frequents Rascal House pizza). 

Sin-Eaters: Alistair Hodge left Cleveland and fell into the Ocean of Fragments in December 2006. The other four Sin-Eaters are ostensibly still in town, and I doubt very much I'll be seeing their players anytime soon, so that krewe could make for useful contacts for the PCs if they go looking. Figure there's probably one or two more Sin-Eaters in town somewhere, what with Lakewood cemetery right there. That actually raises a question - is Gideon Rockefeller part of a krewe? I think he probably should be, and a krewe of Sin-Eaters could actually take on a brood of Beasts. Let's say we've got three members in total, and the krewe calls itself the 1%. They're all Bonepickers, and they're firm believers in the fact that you can't take it with you, so the riches of the dead should belong to the living (more specifically, the Bound). The other two members are: Emily Walton (no relation, at least not that she'll admit), one of the Torn. She was shot by a police officer a few years back during a house raid gone bad, but her geist (the Guardian ad Lidem) brought her back. Frederick Roosevelt (very much related) is one of the Stricken. He "died" of AIDS in the 80s, and still looks pretty skeletal. He has no idea if he's going to eventually die of the disease or not, but he intends to be rich and comfortable until it happens. 

Hunters: Feels like a Union kind of town to me, so probably a cell or two downtown, probably also one by the airport. I also want to include the Heritage House, because a Compact with a theme of family is too good to pass up. They live all across the city; Archers in Brooklyn, O'sheas in Broadview Heights, Renquests in Cleveland proper, Plymouths in University Circle, and Wyrzewskis in Parma). If it becomes interesting, I'll put a Conspiracy presence here. Cheiron, obviously, since the freaking Clinic is right there.

Demons: The God-Machine moves in mysterious ways. It's easy to bury Infrastructure in a city with this many abandoned buildings. There's a ring of demons that lives in the city, keeping to various Covers, but they're mostly sleepers, waiting to activate if given a signal. There's also an Exile, one of the vendors at the West Side Market (runs a pasty stand). 

Other: The police have a violence problem. Part of it is the usual; militarization, racism, and so forth. Part of it is that one of the trainers at the academy is Indebted to a demon of Wrath. Said demon is angling to be the most powerful demon in the region, now that Ai'tahe is gone. Unlike most demons of Wraith, this one (Yst) is patient, willing to play the long game. The Indebted is an instructor named Peter Skolensky. "Skoley," as his fellow officers call him, has been performing a required service for a long time - when police officers leave their training in Cleveland, they leave angry. Skoley does that through a mixture of magic, psychological techniques, and generally encouraging feelings of insecurity and superiority in his officers. Yst is working towards recruiting trainers in surrounding precincts, as well. 

Good start. That plus what the players have given me to go on should give me enough to get them rolling. I think I want to start this game in spring of 2009.