Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Promethean: Leaving Chicago a Bloody Ruin

Well, not all of Chicago.

Recall that last time, Grimm got lacuna'd, then got his juice back, and then Matt lacuna'd himself as a means of saving Emile and, in some way, redeeming himself for the lives he'd already taken. The events of this session, though, might put more red in his ledger, as it were.

The throng gathered and talked over their options. They wanted to go and confront Devon Parker, and one idea was to kill him and turn him into a Promethean. However, Enoch pointed out that doing that wouldn't really punish Parker so much as the Promethean he became - it wouldn't be poetic justice because the guy who did all the bad stuff would be dead, and the Promethean would have to deal with that. Enoch brought up Persephone as a Promethean who was coping with the actions of her body's previous life (which is exactly why I had her appear in the last session, so I'm glad that didn't get missed).

There was even some talk about just saying "fuck it" and getting out of town, but that didn't sit well with anyone. For one thing, they were pretty sure, but not certain, that Parker had murdered Charles Rivers and they wanted to know for sure. For another, they just didn't want this fucker to get away with everything he'd done. They found out, from the morgue, that Parker had signed for Rivers' body, and that kind of did it - Enoch figured it was possible for him to use Vitriol to raise Rivers as a Promethean. Why would Parker do that? Who knows, really?

They went back to the warehouse and found the old car that Rivers kept, and hotwired it. They stopped at the transformer Rusty had mentioned and refilled their Pyros pools, and then headed out to the immense, walled mansion. Feather used one of her Distillations to link everyone telepathically. Grimm and Enoch used Chimera to take on small, innocuous shapes (a pigeon and a squirrel, respectively) and checked the grounds. They found activity in a small gameskeeper's cottage off the main house.

Avalon, Matt, and Feather crept through the woods toward the house, being all sneaky, but in an occurrence that kind of became the norm this session, failed the roll (they teamwork'd, she was primary, she failed with like 12 dice). Obviously that's worth a dramatic failure and a Beat, so lights went on, alarms went off, guards scrambled.

Parker, who was inside that guest house, ran for the door. He got out the door, but Matt had run around and gotten in front of him. He hurled a flash at Matt, but it didn't shatter, just bounced to the grass (see? Lots of roll failing).

Enoch, still a squirrel, scampered up Parker's pant leg and poisoned him (remember, Enoch is still poisonous even if he's not human). But the injection site was small enough that he didn't fall over (wound up with the Poisoned Tilt). Enoch switched to Shape of the Barghest, exploding from Parker's pants (oh, dear). Grimm flew overhead, then changed back to human form and landed on him, knocking him down. And then Parker covered his head and said "Shoot them!"

The guards had come around the corner and opened up with machine pistols. Grimm, Enoch, and Matt took some fire, but I rolled like absolute crap and Parker got hit, too. Matt pulled him up to his feet and used him as a human shield, but he passed out. Matt pulled him back into the cottage and shut the door.

Meanwhile, Avalon and Feather had entered the cottage and found carnage - Rivers' body was on a dissection table, his organs removed. Avalon considered using her Doppelganger Alembic to take his form, but decided that while she could do it, that was a bit too monstrous for her (I told her player it would have been a potential step backwards on the Pilgrimage). Instead, she circled the cottage hoping to use Terrify to scare some guards away.

Feather stabilized Parker and yanked him up on the table, sweeping Rivers off. Outside, Avalon did use Terrify, but dramatically failed and sent him into Disquiet. He shot her, and Feather and the others, except Enoch, went out to help.

Enoch, still in Barghest form, pulled himself up to the table and took out Parker's throat (which he'd said he wouldn't do, meaning he achieved the milestone lie to the throng). Everyone was telepathically linked, everyone saw it, everyone tasted blood. Avalon, we should note, explicitly asked that everyone not be so damn kill-happy. Enoch, however, is in Torment (and gets a Beat for his action, but does not resolve the Condition). She was angry, but they still have to deal with guards.

Feather yoinked guns away from two of them. Grimm turned into a bear and mauled one, Matt shot another, and two of the others bolted (I am, as I may have mentioned, not a fan of human combatants who fight till the last man is literally dead - it makes combat drag and it's fucking stupid in modern horror games anyway).

Briefly left alone, they reconnoitered. Feather activated a Motus Distillation and ran off to get the car. Matt started searching for his Vitriol, Grimm looked for notes, and Avalon just kind of...waited. She was in no mood to help the others. Matt eventually found a safe, but had no time to open it - more guards were coming. Grimm found a bunch of handwritten notebooks, but not combination. Feather activated another Distillation and yanked the damn safe off the wall, and sure enough, Matt's Vitriol and Calogero's notes. This, by the way, gave Feather a milestone - she realized that being a Bodyguard means protecting people even when they do something stupid (protect a throng member after they ignore a warning).

Enoch loaded Rivers' body into a body bag and put it in the trunk, and the throng got the hell away, heading east.

They stopped near Gary (figuring no one would notice a Wasteland there, should it come to that), and buried Rivers on a lonely road. Matt burned his notebook, and Grimm looked through Parker's notes and found the chemical formula for the poison that had killed Rivers (which got him a milestone: solve a murder). The cell they'd been carrying rang - Prince Maxwell. He told them that their little antics had gotten them some notice, and they needed to ditch the car (there was a BOLO), and also stay the hell out of Chicago. Enoch said they had no plans to return, and pitched the phone.

They talked about their next course of action. They had enough money to get a beater, and they hadn't seen any angels lately. Feather said she needed to go to New Orleans - her visions had shown her that. So, next story, we're heading to the Big Easy.