Sunday, May 10, 2015

Night's Black Agents: Wolf(gang) Hunt

Last night we jumped back in to Night's Black Agents, as my previous post on the subject indicated. So here we go.

The characters were invited to a suite at a hotel in Berlin, on the promise of a very lucrative job. All of them need the money for one reason or another, so they show up.

The man waiting for them introduces himself as Davor Klobucar. He calls up some data on his laptop, and tells the characters they're to find this man: Wolfgang von Hanover. Hanover has, over the past couple of years, been implicated in some very bad stuff. He was apparently involved in bombings in Bonn and Budapest, shootouts in Szeged, Paris, and Budapest (again), and runs with some very unsavory folks. One of his cohorts, a woman named Delia Lockwood, is a former IRA bomber and escaped police custody shortly after being captured in Szeged. Another, an ex-Moussad agent named Saul David, died in a Szeged hospital. Hanover is also rumored to have contacts in the CIA.

Klobucar indicates his employers want Hanover alive; dead he's only worth half as much. Gambone confirms that if they find him dead (since other parties are definitely after this guy), they still get the money. Parker questions who Klobucar is and who he's working for; she places his accent as Croatian, but spots no tattoos; maybe he's a face or a low-level moneyman. Klobucar refuses to say what his employers want with Hanover, or even who they are, but he confirms to Gambone that they need him more or less intact and able to function.

Klobucar leaves, but Parker slips a tracker devices onto his briefcase. Fuchs sits down and starts going through the data on the laptop Klobucar left, and confirms much of what Klobucar said about Hanover. The characters start trying to track his movements and learn about him, and discover that Hanover is an expert forger and hacker; he worked for the BSI and then dropped off the grid a few years back. And then one of the bombings he was connected to killed Renate Bauer, another BSI agent, but Gambone (an explosives guy himself) notes that the device used was far too powerful to kill just one person, and yet shaped in such a way that none of the surrounding buildings were harmed.

Confused, the characters keep digging. Fuchs contacted a friend named Kraut at the German version of the IRS and asks him to look into Hanover and his family. Parker contacted a friend named Gerard at MI-5 and asked him about Hanover and his friend Lockwood, and learned that their bombings and movements didn't make any sense - they weren't claiming credit, they weren't following any particular ideology. It looked more like they were on the run, but if so, they were very bad at it.

Kraut called Fuchs back and told him that Hanover's money had vanished when he went off the grid, but he found a reference to a brother named Fritz.

Gambone and Benbow broke into the Szeged hospital records, and found that Saul David had officially died of two gunshot wounds in the chest. But after a bit of Digital Intrusion, they found his actual report, and Benbow analyzed it. David had two holes in his chest, yes, but no way were they gunshots. They were from two blunt, round objects, carrying enough force to puncture the rib cage. She hadn't seen wounds like this before.

Digging into the dossier on Hanover a bit more, the characters saw some examples of his work, and learned that as a forger, he puts little details and flourishes - coffee stains on passports, chipped corners on ID cards and the like. Knowing that, they followed the trail, searching for passports bearing his "stamp" in groups of three or more. They traced his little group's movements: Croatia, Sarajevo, Hungary, Germany, France, then Switzerland, Rome, and back to Hungary (Szeged) where the latest round of mayhem had occurred. They found a passport of his leaving Hungary and going into Austria, so they decided to head down there and see if they could find any leads.

After all, they're not the only ones looking for him, so the clock is probably ticking.