Saturday, May 9, 2015

Night's Black Agents: The Triumphant Return (notes)

And almost a year exactly since our last session, we're back. 

So here's the deal. One of the player (Smith's) had some serious health issues that didn't get better like we hoped they would. He and Lockwood's player have, as such, decided to let us go on with the game without them, which makes me sad, but I'm glad to be getting back into this game. So we're adding two new players, and Rousseau and David's players are making new ones. Hanover is going to be the sole remaining the character.

But really, that's just filler so I can notes without my players reading.
OK, so, when we left off, the characters were in Szeged. Lockwood and David were under medical care, while Smith, Rousseau, and Hanover were free. We're going to say that David died in the hospital. Lockwood was taken into custody (since she's a wanted terrorist in some places). The other three decided to split up - Smith went after Jessica Brown, Hanover and Rousseau headed back to Germany, but the arrangement was that Smith didn't get back to them within a certain amount of time, they should abort. He didn't, so they did. Rousseau went back to France and her job, while Hanover is hiding out in Berlin.

In reality: Smith found Jessica Brown, and discovered that she was a forger and the diary was a fake. Deciding that everyone was well and truly out of their depth, he got out of Europe, taking Jessica back to the US with him. 

Rousseau went back to France and is on assignment elsewhere, probably under a different name.

Lockwood escape custody while being extradited to Hungary to be charged in connection with the events in Budapest. She's on the lam. 

David is dead, though I might bring him back as a puppeteer. 

So that brings us to now, where we add: 

  • Markus Fuchs: Born in East Berlin and worked against the Communists; his parents were both intellectuals and radicals. 
  • Harriett Benbow: Formerly Defence Intelligence (military intelligence), looking to get back in.
  • Caroline Parker: Formerly MI-5, still a patriot. 
  • Michael Gamboni: Former Mafia leg-breaker, muscle, and bang-and-burner, 
So, two British, one German, one Italian. Drives are Patriotism, Atonement, Transparency, and Getting Back In. Not the most harmonious group I've ever seen. But, Wolfgang is in Berlin, and that's where Markus is from, so there's an in. 

I think what I'll do now is set up the situation, do a little paperwork, amend the Conspyramid, and then do some character building stuff when they get here. I need more data on the PCs before I can properly screw with them.

OK, so, the Conspyramid. I really wish we had a fillable one. Anyway, here's what I got: 

6 - Core Leadership: Tesla (or rather, the puppeteer he became). He stays someplace hidden, not sure what city yet, but it's not relevant for a while anyway. Runs the organization through radio signals and a dedicated line to Vilnos Hajnal. I think probably a small village, actually, staffed with loyal folks ready to die to become vampires if need be. 

5 - Supranational: 1) Vilnos Hajnal. Crime lord, stays on the move throughout Eastern Europe, travels by car, plane, boat, whatever. Never knows where he's going next; orders come from Tesla. 
2) Top-secret facility for receiving outer space transmissions. Data from first contact from alien vampires is kept here, outside Vilinus, Lithuania. 

4 - National: 1) Reineger Clinic, Switzerland. Transformations into puppeteers is done here, when possible. Clinic head (Dr. Anna Sedillo) is a puppeteer. 
2) International Free Energy Association. Based in Budapest, they're a transnational group working (ostensibly) for clean, renewable energy. They get some money from Hi-Klass and the Russian Mafia, but Hi-Klass has taken a hit lately and they've had to dip into funds to pay bills. 
3) Renate Bauer, BSI Op and money launderer. She's dead, and that screwed the conspiracy's finances six ways to Sunday. Goal: Kill and infect Wolfgang von Hanover to take her place.

3 - Provincial: 1) Tasse Medical Supply, medical goods company based in Paris, funds research in Eastern Europe. CEO is Simon Thibault, a puppeteer. 
2) Budapest Prison, source of blood and vampires. Prison doc is Janos Sas, puppeteer. 
3) Eastern Europe human trafficking rings - this has been severely damaged as a source of income and blood for the conspiracy thanks to the PCs taking out Vasily Avilov in France, but it's still in play. Goal: Install someone else in France or Germany to take Avilov's place. 
4) Tesla Museum, Belgrade. Obrad Bugarcic is the curator and answers to Tesla. They keep some of his notes and experiments here. 

2 - City: 1) University of Osijek, still doing research. Dr. Radovan Macan is still in charge, and still paranoid. 
2) Hi-Klass Escort Service, based in Gyor. Also heavily damaged as a resource and taking heat from the authorities. Goal: Use as bait to flush out Hanover or other agents, then burn. 
3) Belgrade Hospital, source of blood and tissue when necessary. 
4) Custom office in Budapest. Destroyed by explosives and the ensuing investigation drove the conspiracy out. 
5) Vasily Avilov, Russian mobster and trafficker. Killed in the agents' successful op in Paris. Goal: Replace him, preferably with someone in a more official, legit capacity. 

1 - Neighborhood: 1) Davor Klubocar, paymaster, somehow still alive, living in Zagreb and still moving money for the conspiracy. 
2) Luc Lemarque, research assistant in Paris working (indirectly) for Tasse. 
3) Budapest street gang, took some losses but still functional, can be beefed up with Hajnal's thugs on a day's notice. 
4) Taxidermist/Funeral home director in Novi Sad. Anto Lukic. Not a puppeteer, just kind of crazy. Unreliable, but good at his job, source of corpses and a safe house.
5) Dock warehouse in Belgrade. Storage, shipping, money, etc. 
6) Mike Nadel, convention coordinator in Bonn. Driven out of town and told never to return; he's out. Goal: The conspiracy is working on another person in a similar position in other cities, considering maybe St. Petersburg or Budapest, since they have a stronghold there already. 

So, this session, someone from the conspiracy (a step or two removed) comes to the PCs and tries to get them to find Hanover. They show footage of the dead people, tie him to the bombing in Budapest and the chaos in Szeged and Bonn, and claim (plausibly) to have pull in various intel organizations.