Sunday, April 5, 2015


Last Monday was Chill, and I've been in New Orleans all week, working on Beast when I'm at the computer. So, haven't really had a chance to do this update. But I'm gonna do it now!

Last time, which was a good long while ago, the characters found the dead body of Donald McGovern and figured it was the infamous spectral hound of Edinburgh what done him in. This time, they split up to do some recon and research.

Tori and Robert went to the morgue, and consulted with Jordan McElroy, the coroner. McGovern's body had been stripped and cleaned, so now they could see what damage the dog had done. And indeed it had - McGovern had several bites, about the size that would come from a Great Dane. The one that killed him was on his thigh, pulling out a good-sized chunk of flesh and severing the femoral artery. He also had ligature marks on his wrists from where the trees had wrapped around them, holding him in place.

His blood screen came back showing THC and alcohol, but nothing more exotic. Tori and Robert sneaked into evidence and found his cell phone, and Tori used her Power Surge discipline to fry it (since her email was in it).

Meanwhile, Agnes and Ian went looking in bars for Angus Blackburn, one of the folks who'd been at the park the night before. They found him, but he wasn't much in the mood to talk. Ian tried to threaten him into talking, but Angus hit him over the head with a bottle, bloodying him up. Agnes got in the middle and calmed everyone down, and Angus told them a little more - they'd been camping, Donald had heard a noise and seen the fog creeping up, and then came the screams. Angus wasn't proud of it, but he'd run away with the rest of them.

Kitti looked up some information about the hound. She found that the hound seemed to target people and harry them until they ran into the fog, whereupon it bit them to death. She wasn't able to find much about how it chose people - some stories seemed to indicate it targeted sinners, but those stories were churchy in nature, so that seemed suspect. It did seem like once the hound has your scent, it follows you.

The others came back, and Robert pulled glass out of Ian's head (Emergency Medic!). They looked into the other folks who'd been there that night, and found that Peter Wilson and Karen Brown had gone to London. Their Facebook pages indicated that they had, in fact, left town. The envoys thought of taking a quick flight to London to track them down, but first, Tori, Ian, and Kitti decided to check out their apartment.

They found a cat with a bowl of food, some empty drawers - looked like they'd left in something of a rush, but they'd made time to make sure the cat was OK. Searching the apartment yielded nothing out of the ordinary. And then the fog started creeping in...outside the building, then out in the hall.

The characters backed up into the bedroom, and heard howling and snarling. The fog out in the hall had eyes in it. Ian flung a broomstick at the eyes, but heard no yelp. The dog jumped forward and bit Ian, but its fangs drew no blood. Tori threw a cast iron skillet at it, but it passed through the dog harmlessly. Kitti swiped at it with a knife, and caught its throat, which made it yelp. The dog faded into the mist, and they helped Ian to the car.

Back at HQ, they treated his wounds (again) and found that the flesh looked damage as though from frostbite. Now they'd seen the hound, and apparently found a weakness - its throat. But now it has their scent.