Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chill: End of First Case

Last night we finished up the first case in my Edinburgh Chill game. I'm pretty darned happy with it.

I mean, sure, I've loved Chill for years. But this was a game in the system and setting that I developed (big ups to my writers and especially my brother +Jonathan McFarland, too, they did at least as much work as I did), and it works. Good stuff.

Oh, also, PDFs went out to backers today. So that's groovy.

Anyway, recall that last time, the characters figured they knew the source of the spectral hounds - a bizarre tree in the park where all this had started. They geared up, and got together with Liam to try and make a plan. He showed them news articles; the dog attacks had gone viral and folks were making comparisons to the Hound attacks of years past. The city was getting scared - time to put this to bed.

They headed out to the forest, and just as they hit the treeline, the fog sprang up. They heard howls in the distance, and then an ear-splitting howl right next to them, but they kept their cool, for the most part. The Hound lunged and bit Tori in the arm; she tried to stab it and missed. Agnes took aim with her rifle and shot it in the throat, and it fell over and melted, the fog dissipating.

Robert bandaged Tori's arm, but couldn't actually do much for her without more time to help, other than stop the bleeding. The envoys found the tree, and Robert drew a Line of Defense around the trunk, leaving enough room for Ian to fire up the chainsaw and get to work. He made his Fieldcraft roll to cut it correctly so that it fell away from the envoys, too (what an embarrassing way for an envoy to die that would have been).

Ian started cutting, and the tree branches started moving. Agnes and Tori noticed, but the branches reached down and grabbed for Ian's face, piercing his neck under his jaw. Robert and Agnes shot at the tree, and Kitti reached up and sliced the branch. It landed and bloomed a white flower...whereupon Tori sprayed it with lighter fluid and Kitti lit it up. Agnes noticed a hound-like shape emerging from the top of the trunk, but it burned away to ash with the branch.

Kitti crossed the salt line to grab some kindling, but disturbed it, and the fog sprang up. Robert quickly reestablished the Line of Defense, though, and the fog fell. And then with a crack, the tree fell, spraying blood over the envoys (especially Ian, who turned around and retched because his failed his Resolve check).

Composing himself, Ian used Heal on Tori, stopping the bleeding on her wound. He cut a cross into the trunk, filled it with petrol, and lit it up. They doused the tree and lit that, too, but then heard sirens and scattered. The police caught Tori and Agnes, but Tori told them she'd been looking for her dog and been attacked by a different dog, which was consistent with her wounds. Agnes just played the senility card pretty hard, but since she was carrying a rifle that sat a little harder. Liam pulled a bunch of strings getting them out of trouble.

The envoys debriefed, and Liam said that while he was no fan of guns, he was glad the envoys had closed this out with no fatalities. He said he'd have another team watch the park so as to avoid police noticing Agnes or Tori, and told the envoys to rest up and heal. No one ended the case with Trauma or Injury, so no lasting problems.

All in all, successful case, and the Hound seems to have been destroyed.