Friday, April 17, 2015

Chill: The Black Dog Bites At Midnight

Last Monday I ran Chill. I'll skip the excuses for why I haven't done the write-up and just do the damn write-up.

We ended last time with Ian having been chomped by the Hound, and everyone deciding to sleep on it and do more research in the morning. The next morning, though, they got a call from Liam - the Hound had struck again.

This time it was in a vacant lot, and the victim was Angus Blackburn, the man that Ian had gotten into a scuffle with the day before. Liam met them at the scene, but the cops were already there - they couldn't do the up close investigation they had the day before. Agnes and Kitti asked Liam to pull a file about the Hound (since it's plagued Edinburgh before), and he said he'd meet them at HQ.

Robert, Ian, and Tori tried to check out the crime scene from across the street. Ian apparently had a good view (he got a Colossal success), and saw that the body had been pushed up against a concrete divider. Angus' wallet chain was broken - he'd been robbed as well as murdered. They saw a smear of blood where the body had been moved.

The characters went to the block of flats across the street and start knocking on doors (and realized that no one except Ian has any Interview specializations, and his is Interrogation, which isn't conducive to friendly questioning - that'll be some Development Points, then!). They chatted with a few folks before they got a decent result, but learned that somewhere around 2 to 3 AM, fog rolled in, some residents heard howling and then screaming. One resident saw a guy run in and grab Angus' wallet, but thought that Angus was still alive at the time.

Anges and Kitti went back to HQ and started looking through the file; the others joined them when they returned. The file described an encounter with the Hound in the late 1970s. The Hound killed two envoys and four civilians before the envoys managed to stab it in the throat. The civilians knew each other only peripherally; they were coming home from a concert together. One man - the driver of the van coming from that concert - was still alive, and living in an old folks' home.

Agnes went to talk with him, and learned that he'd met the other folks at the concert and together they'd walked back to his car. On the way, one of them had broken a branch from a dead tree, but the branch had a white flower at the end. They'd smelled it - it was sweet - and then forgot all about it. But after that, the Hound had come for them, and killed them all (except him; SAVE had intervened before it got to him).

And where was this concert? Why, it was in a park that's no longer used for concerts. Now people pay to camp there.

The envoys went back to the campsite and searched, and sure enough, found a broken branch with a white flower (they didn't smell it). The whole area was saturated with the Unknown. They called up Liam to figure out how they could destroy the tree without getting arrested - destroy the tree, they reckon, and prevent the release/summoning of future Hounds.