Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick Game Notes

Business, business business, numbers.


The characters are now able to translate the papers. The papers are a thorough accounting of supernatural creatures in Chicago. Now, of course, they're old - Calogero hadn't updated in a while. But they still contain names and capabilities for a lot of people who don't want that information out. Calogero used these papers as incentive, bits of information to trade around, but he deal mostly with vampires (since he felt most comfortable with what he knew about them). The papers, though, detail Maxwell Clarke's court, a bunch of known vampires, the local Consilium (a few mages are mentioned by name, though the word "mage" isn't mentioned), Sleepless William and his pack (Iron Masters, I believe), and probably some details on the local changeling Courts, too, why not. But the very first thing he translates is: "Caveat lector."

First couple pages talk about Maxwell Clarke, describing him as "untrustworthy, but less so than some others of his kind." It talks about his origins a bit (as far as Calogero knew them). It talks about how a few years ago, a throng of Prometheans (whom he names) came through here and stirred things up, and that the local Kindred population fears them now.

Then Max Maury, and how he's a monster living under the city, and the best thing in the world would be for him to be burned, but doing so would be dangerous. Trying to do it and failing would be fatal.

Each page requires using the power and getting three successes. I don't figure they'll get too far in, because it's a lot of work, and once the storm dies down, Parker's thugs can find the house. They won't hit the place with that many people there, but once sunset hits, Loki's back at it. Basically things can get chaotic very quickly.