Saturday, March 7, 2015

Board Game: Carcassonne

The Game: Carcassonne
The Publisher: Z-Man Games
Time: 20 minutes, give or take
Players: Me, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland+Cheyenne Rae Grimes, Chris Wall

Cheyenne explains the game. 
The Game: Pretty simple. You've got a bunch of tiles, depicting a Medieval kingdom kinda thing. You take your turn by laying out a new tile (from a blind draw), and then putting a meeple on a road, a cloister, a city segment, or a meadow. Tiles have to connect; roads have to meet roads and city segments to meet other segments, so the trick is playing tiles that benefit you - growing roads that you've already placed a dude on, and so forth.

Weird, looks yellow. Like a dress or summat.
We started with the river, which is an optional system, but I like it. Anyway, you score as you go, and when you score a road, a cloister (by surrounding it with other tiles), or a city (by closing it off entirely), you get your meeple back. Farmers (the dudes in the meadows) don't score until the game ends.

City planning.
I kinda fucked up; I didn't play enough of my dudes, so I wound up with not much points. But that's OK; Chey got most of the damn cloisters anyway.

Opinions: I like this game; it's quick and pretty simple to understand. Plus, it's got the mix of strategy and chance that I like, because I can play it even if I'm tired and not completely fuck the dog.
I am not the King of France.
Keep? Yep.