Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Promethean: All the Milestones Ever

Wow, I haven't blogged since last time I ran Promethean! Haven't been watching movies in the project (because of Oscars) or making characters (because of development of Chill) or running other games (due to scheduling foibles and unexpected babies). I should try and get something done this weekend.

Anyway, last night was Promethean, and in the interest of giving myself a little break before jumping back into IEPs and getting this done before Thursday this week, here we go!

Last time (one post back, no link necessary) Matt had gone off to a big spooky house and gotten his ass kicked. Well, truthfully, the ass-kicking was mutual, but he still wound up pretty badly injured and, more to the point, his Azoth went out. Confused and uncertain, he sat down and waited.

The others, led by Feather (who, as a Sentry, can use her Tuned In Condition to find her throng mates), got out there. Feather took a moment did some personal alchemy - she calcified the Control Alembic, meaning she'll keep it even if she switches Refinements. Calcifying an Alembic, as it happened, was a milestone for her - the universal milestone of fermentatio.

They went inside and found blood spatter across the threshold. Grimm decided to follow it, to make sure they weren't going to get attacked. He found the three dudes that he beat on Matt, still badly injured, one of them talking on a cell phone. He called the police and reported them (three suspicious looking dudes with obvious injuries), and dutifully waited until the police showed up. The dice gods were merciful and he did trip any Disquiet, so the dudes got picked up and taken off to a hospital.

Meantime, inside, the other three went downstairs and found Matt, ready to fight - he hadn't felt their Azoth coming, and they couldn't fight his. Enoch tried to send him a point of Pyros, but it just...went away. Grimm joined them, and felt something...familiar about this place. Concerned by all this, but also not wanting to get caught out here, they decided to head back to Enoch's place.

They got back to the flat and talked this out. Matt wasn't sure what had happened, he'd just burned his Pyros fighting and then his light went out. Avalon and Enoch speculated that really understanding this would require someone of Matt's "Lineage," but he didn't really have one - but they did know someone spawned by the same force, Andrew Write. So they called him and up, and Andrew arrived with his throng (Rusty Nail, Persephone, and Legion, if you've forgotten).

Andrew and Matt recounted the story of their genesis, and Andrew said that he'd spent himself dry plenty of times, but his light had never gone out. This must be something specific to Matt...or the house. Enoch draw some of Andrew's blood to do some alchemy. Meanwhile, hearing the story of the house, Rusty mentioned that he'd been there too - and had felt what Grimm had. They speculated that was because they shared a Lineage, but then why did the house mess with Matt, who hadn't felt that odd sense of deja vu? Matt, after all, wasn't a Frankenstein.

Matt wasn't, but Lurch, his creator, was. Clearly this required some further study.

Meanwhile, Rusty talked with Grimm and Avalon about Persephone - she was in a rut, stuck in her Role as Envoy, and was having trouble shaking herself loose. They talked, too, about Residual Memory and being made of different people, and about the person that Persephone was pre-Promethean. Avalon expressed sorrow that her bits didn't have such memory, but Legion said that encoded in the craftsmanship was the first principles on which they were built. In his case, "each living thing breathes life." This whole conversation led to milestone for Avalon: witness someone stuck in a rut (also fermentatio).

The Prometheans decided they should go back to the house and investigate whatever connection it had to Matt. Enoch suggested that Andrew not go - if he shared the same problem as Matt, he might also be tapped out. He refused; burning himself out was, in fact, part of his new philosophy (as Legion wearily explained).

The group of them headed back to the house, and Grimm and Rusty gave each other knowing nods. Something was familiar, but not in a Residual Memory kind of way. Rusty was uncomfortable downstairs; it was clearly a prison, and he went back upstairs, afraid. In the basement, Grimm used Ephemeral Sight and saw a serpent coiled through the links of one of the chains. Persephone saw it, too, and identified it as a spirit. Grimm picked up the chain and the serpent moved, inviting him to stick his hand in. He did, following his new role as Sage and hoping to prod others to learn something. The clasp snapped shut, though.

Avalon used her Transformation Distillation to turn the chain to gold (much more brittle), but Grimm couldn't pull it free (got a dramatic failure), and the snake bit him. He felt his other hand trapped in a chain, and felt he'd been down here in the dark, stuck away from the sky, for decades. He started to panic.

Enoch used Firebrand on the screw holding the clasp together, and tried to get it to move. Grimm lashed out at the unfamiliar feeling, knocking Enoch down. Andrew and Legion held Grimm's hand, while Feather grabbed Grimm's wrist and broke his thumb, letting him slip his hand out. Free of the serpent, Grimm had made a milestone (express and act on fear).

Matt, meanwhile, had been drawing angelic script on the floor, trying desperately to call down an angel and get some inkling that he'd be OK. He saw a pilgrim mark above the chains - prison. He forced an Elpis vision (which had the effect of worsening the Wasteland on the house), and saw a butterfly-like light go upstairs. Grimm, now freed followed Matt, but saw Rusty upstairs. He talked with his fellow Frankenstein, and told him that the through was going to change downstairs, to take away the ambiance of confinement. Rusty went downstairs with him, Grimm helping walk, and Rusty descended into the prison and confronted his fear. He told them about how he was buried in a dump for years, buried and drinking runoff, but this Frankenstein who'd been imprisoned here had been stuck for nearly a century. This was yet another milestone for Grimm (help a Promethean make a major milestone), and he masters the Role of Sage - which, in turn, means he's mastered Cuprum and can make an Athanor if he wants.

Meanwhile, Avalon, Enoch, and Feather took down the chains and used tools they found to smash the cuffs, effectively destroying the basement's ability to confine anyone. The snake slithered off into the dark.

Upstairs, Matt followed the butterfly to a pile of ash, and an angel appeared. It asked what he wanted - he said he wanted to know that he could rekindle his fire again. The angel said he could, but also told him that looking for confirmation of faith kind of defeated the point. If he was going to have faith, he needed to have it. Matt accepted that (and made two milestones - Regain Willpower through Elpis and confront a qashmal alone).

He went back downstairs and joined the others. He still had no good idea how to get his fire back, but he believed he could. Avalon, Enoch, and Feather, having read Hank's Journal, finally recognized this house - a Frankenstein named Al had been imprisoned here for years, before escaping. Feather figured maybe they could ask Prince Maxwell to do something about this place, once they completed their little favor for the Prince.

Next time: They probably should get on that.