Friday, February 27, 2015

HEY! Go Vote for Promethean. (Also a Promethean write-up.)

So hey! There'a a Kickstarter happening right now for Dark Eras, which I worked on as a developer and project manager. Long story short: There's a poll going on, which will close when the KS hits $118K, that has a Promethean during the Year Without a Summer as an option. 

I'd sure like it if you voted for that era. 

Beyond that, I ran Promethean on Monday and then forgot to do the damn write-up again, so here we are. 

The characters had an eventful time of it last time, and were trying to figure out their next move. They went back to a diner with Andrew Write's throng, and the fact that Persephone was stuck in her Role as Envoy became more apparent. The throng figured it'd be nice to do something about that; the spirits inside Persephone were getting more unruly (this led to a discussion of Skip and some talk about whether he had been the problem, or the chaos-spirit living in his abdomen; weird kind of chicken-n-egg thing and Grimm felt a stirring of Vitriol when they talked about Skip). 

Enoch figured that, using Calogero's notes, he could put something together that would repel ectoplasm, maybe allow her to regain some control. They all headed back to Enoch's apartment, and the throng (the PC's throng, that is) got working on it. It took a few hours, but they were able to concoct the preparation, which led to two milestones. Enoch replicated one of Calogero's preparations, leading to him mastering the Scientist Role, and Feather helped a throng-mate achieve a major milestone, which fulfilled the ceratio universal milestone. The sun rose, everyone regain Pyros, it was good.

They had the they just had to apply it. They started, but Persephone (or the spirits within her, perhaps) started to fight back. Avalon, however, jumped in with her Baffle Alembic and rendered Persephone too confused to fight back, and by they her throng had put the salve in her rents (ew). This drove back the spirits, and Persephone was able to reassert control. 

She was confused for a minute, but Rusty Nail stepped in and told her to embrace the stillness (thus adopting Cuprum and getting the hell off Argentum). And then the characters heard rain...and outside, the sky was black. The wind picked up and threw a branch through a window, and the characters realized they were in some kind of weird weather system - the other throng identified it as similar to Persephone's Wasteland, but it had never picked up that fast before. Andrew's throng took their leave, figuring that they would only make it worse if Persephone stayed around. 

The characters decided to look through the coded books again while they waited for the storm to abate...but the books were missing. Suspicion initially fell on the other throng, but the characters had offered to show them the books, so there would have been no point in stealing them. Fluffy hadn't seen anything, but it's not hard to sneak by him. Avalon, of course, had read the books, so she could reproduce them - but would that help?

Well, maybe. Grimm, having mastered Cuprum, could use the Translator's Memory Alembic (now that he had access to it)...but he had no Academics. He sat and started focusing on his body, the parts that he was made of, and saw flashes of working at a computer, paging through books...and made a milestone (buy a dot of Residual Memory). 

Now, with that in mind, he can work to translate the books...which we'll do next time.