Monday, January 26, 2015

Promethean Notes

Holy cats. So busy. Very frazzle.

Space, space....


OK, I know I want to bring Andrew Write's throng back into this today. I should have brought them in last time when Matt went to the Pier, but I was tired and didn't think of it. But today I have!

Mostly I want to get them talking about murder, or rather, the willful taking of life. I think one way to do that is for them to catch someone in the act, or have to kill a person, but that's so bloody hard to arrange in this game. Let's start with what we have.

Devon Parker ran prints from Enoch and Feather, which isn't as bad as it could be. But Feather's hand belonged to someone who was missing after Hurricane Katrina, and Enoch's hand belongs to someone known to be dead. That only comes up if they've been printed. So let's say that Feather's body's previous owner (Jenna Villendorf) was a para at a school in New Orleans, and thus is on record with Louisiana (there's no record of her death, however, but she is flagged as a missing person). Enoch was created by Astira Omondi; he was an Italian tourist (Valentino Silva) making his way through the American Southwest and died of a heart attack. Astira stole his body and used it, so his body turns up missing from Trinidad, NM. Parker, being Parker, gives this information to the Order, and they immediately dispatch folks to Trinidad and New Orleans to try and run these folks down. Of course, they aren't going to get very far; this is a while go (in Enoch's case) and lost amidst the chaos of Katrina (in Feather's), but what it does mean is that the Order realizes what Feather and Enoch are...and that means lacunae are incoming.

You know, if I can get the characters out at night...oh, wait, no, perfect. Tonight as they sleep, they feel Azoth call to Azoth near them. The Write throng saw a young man run down in the street (hit and run), and is arguing about whether is was deliberate. The boy in question is named Xavion Sharpe, and he was 12. The guy who ran him down (Michael Salton) was just distracted. He knows he hit something, but he assumes it was a dog and he didn't get out to check. Didn't wind up happening.

During all of this, vampires watch the characters at night, and Parker tries to find them during the day. Getting them arrested is Parker's ultimate goal; he wants to force them to reveal their "names" so he can track them more easily, but then, he assumes they're staying in town.