Thursday, January 29, 2015

Promethean, late again, dammit

In my defense, I'm busy as hell this week.

So! Last time, the characters were leaving lunch with Devon Parker. They'd made arrangements to go to a Cubs game together, mostly at Feather's prompting (Feather is all about Community, and she wanted to show the characters what she was talking about). So they got bleacher seats, and watched people a bit.

Matt saw a woman in a boxed seat that he thought he recognized. He wandered around a bit, and she spotted him, and thought he was James Canaday (the actor who previously used his body). He wasn't, of course, so they just chatted a bit, and parted ways.

Avalon noted a drunk man having a great time; dancing and otherwise being loud and exuberant. She talked with the throng about people being drunk, and wondered if that was an option for her. Feather said it might be, but ball park beer wasn't the way to find out (it was too expensive, for one).

Grimm just missed a foul ball, but it fell down into the park, a few feet away from him.

Enoch noted Avalon and Grimm on the kiss-cam, and the throng razzed them until they smooched. The crowd cheered.

Feather did the wave, and at least some of the throng participated.

When the game let out, they shuffled out of Wrigley (Feather having regained Willpower through her Elpis of Community), and split up for the night. Matt, feeling his Torment (Uncertainty) building, decided to wander. Avalon had a date with Emil Handley, the artist, in his room at the Drake. Feather decided to go down into the subway tunnels and leave a note for Max Maury, and Enoch and Grimm joined her.

Avalon's Date: Avalon got into the suite at the Drake, and found that Emil had put sheets up and was painting, messily. He was also fairly high. He invited her to put on a smock and start painting. He looked at her work, and said that while her technique was pretty amazing (there's pointillism and then there's Avalon), he said she was painting things, not feelings or ideas. She wanted to know how to get away from that. His advice; mescaline. She wound up taking a lot, and eventually it hit her all at once (she finally failed the roll and took a Beat for a dramatic failure). Avalon didn't remember much of the following couple of hours, just that everything was colors. And then she was finished, and there was a painting there, something abstract that she didn't recognize.

Emil asked her about it, and she wasn't sure what it was...and then he turned it upside down, and there was Ysolde's face. Emil asked if she would sell that painting, and Avalon said she probably wouldn't sell it, but might gift it. Selling it would cheapen it, but giving it would be love. Emil offered her the bathtub to wash off the paint.

The Subway: Grimm, Feather, and Enoch went down into the tunnels, and found a gargoyle. Feather handed him the note for Max, and he scampered off into the dark. Grimm used the Chimera Distillation to turn into a rat and followed, stealthily keeping his distance, crawling through rooms with skeletal bodies, until they reached the entrance to the Undercity. Max peeled himself out of the wall, read the note, and then touched it and sniffed it. He hissed, and thousands of rats appeared, sitting in front of him. Grimm followed suit, and watched. Max asked the assembled rats (obviously aware that one of them wasn't a rat) if someone was there, in the Undercity looking for answers in the dark. Grimm did not reveal himself, but when Max dismissed the rats, he fled back to the others, and told them what he'd seen.

This, conveniently, fulfilled the milestone of Track a target without being seen, then report back to another party, which is also his milestone for the Stalker Role. He decided to switch to the Sage Role, and finish out Cuprum (which means I need a milestone for that before next session; mental note).

Matt's Wandering: Matt went wandering, and found an old, burned-out house. He thought about going in, then went back to the shelter, then changed his mind (when the player realized that I was only going to dangle so many hooks in front of his face before I switch over to the players that were biting). He entered the house, and realized that the place had been struck by lightning multiple times. He found a stone staircase and headed down, and found chains and shackles. He also found a man in the corner, completely unresponsive. He tried to rouse the guy, and heard people coming down the stairs. "He's in the k-hole, yo" one of them said. Matt tried to ask what that meant, and the dude punched him in the face.

Matt fought back, but these guys were flying on something and of course they had him outnumbered. He considered dropping back into Stannum (and thus getting immediate access to the Arc Alembic), but chose instead to jack his Strength up with Pyros. He grabbed a length of chain, wrapped it around his hand, and punched one, bursting his nose. One of the other guys pulled a knife and stabbed him, but he's a Promethean, so it didn't slow him. He socked that guy and dislocated his jaw, and they thugs ran off. But Matt had spent all his Pyros (which is a milestone for him)...and his fire went out.

Across the city, the other characters felt Matt's fire fail. Yes, he was still alive, but his Azoth guttered. Avalon got dressed and left Emil, explaining she had something to do. She called Feather, and Feather used her Unspoken Communication Distillation to find Avalon, and then Matt.

And we left off with the four of them standing in front of that house.