Thursday, January 15, 2015


Upon reflection on Monday's game, two things are apparent.

First, I need to do the write-up on Tuesday. No fuckin' about. 

Second, I need to make shit happen in this story. There's a lot of cool stuff going on under the scenes, but this particular group is not the most pro-active in the world, and I know that, so it's time to have ninjas attack. 

Anyway! Last time was quite a while ago, and ended with the characters meeting up with the vampiric Prince of Chicago. They stated heading back to the apartment, but then figured that if they were being followed by vampiric agents (because they don't trust vampires, which is both a reasonable position and a change from the last time I ran Promethean), then maybe they should sleep in different areas. Enoch and Feather headed back to the apartment, while Matt hit up a church shelter and Grimm got a cheap motel room. Avalon broke into the Wrigley building and slept up in the clock tower, soaking up some sweet, sweet Pyros. 

At the apartment, Feather made use of her Autonomic Control Distillation to stay awake all night. She watched the door, and in the middle of the night heard something rattling. She lurked by the door, and it opened, but nothing happened - perhaps whatever had been trying to break in had heard her? 

In the morning, Feather informed Enoch of the events, and the throng met back up at a diner to plan their day. 

Grimm wanted to go find a garage and see if he could learn about fixing cars. Matt figured he'd head to the Pier and mingle a bit. Avalon wanted to go to the museum and meet Emil Handley, the artist. Enoch, of course, needed to make a lunch day with Devon Parker. Feather, trying to embrace her intended Role as Bodyguard, figured she'd guard one of the others, and chose Enoch. 

Matt went to the Pier and wandered amongst the teeming masses of humanity. He heard yells and saw a boy running with a purse, chased by a security guard. He tackled the kid and knocked him down, and gave the purse back to its owner. The kid was dirty and ragged, the woman clean and well-off.

Grimm found a garage that looked busy and understaffed. The owner agreed to show him some things if he could keep up. He managed, eventually, to learn a few things and buy a dot of Crafts (and fulfill an Aspiration of learning to fix a car), but it was a hard-fought battle; he failed a bunch of rolls and got a lot of oil in the face.

Avalon met Emil, the artist, and they chatted about techniques and she bought one of his prints. He revealed his inspiration - mescaline. He offered to show her later that night, and she agreed to meet him.

Enoch called Parker's secretary and both got added to the reservation at a high-end restaurant. Parker also sent a car for them. They arrived, got seated (with some looks, since Feather wasn't dressed appropriately), and talked with Parker. Once he ascertained that Feather knew something about alchemy, he proceeded to completely ignore her, but talked to Enoch about the Pristine Order, Charles Rivers, and the strange formulae that he had made.

Now, Enoch knew that this formula was to do alchemical preparations without Vitriol, but Parker didn't seem to know that term. Instead, he impressed upon Enoch the value of joining up, not just for the wealth and power that alchemy promised, but the ability to talk with other, like-minded and similarly educated folks.

During all this, Feather took note of his bodyguards, sitting at another table. At one point, a waiter took their glasses, and the bodyguard got up and followed the waiter. Feather followed him and watched as he paid off the waiter and took the glasses, presumably to run fingerprints.

The lunch ended, and Enoch said he'd think about joining - Parker invited him to join him as his club later. Feather, once they were outside, told him about the glasses. What would happen if they ran the Prometheans' prints? Neither were sure - they didn't know what these bodies had done pre-Divine Fire.

Next time, perhaps we'll find out.