Thursday, January 22, 2015

Board Game: Apples to Apples

The Game: Apples to Apples
The Publisher: Originally Out of the Box, now Mattel
Time: Depends how many players; 20 minutes to an hour
Players: Me, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland+Cheyenne Rae Grimes+Jonathan McFarland, Teagan, Cael, Morgan Lesch

Game Play: Simple enough. Everyone gets seven red cards, which have nouns on them: Charging Rhinos, JFK, Rain, Rust, Worms, My Prom (where "my" refers to the person taking the current turn). When it's your turn, you draw a green card (which has an adjective: Scary, Weird, etc.). Everyone picks a red card that exemplifies that adjective, and the judge for that turn determines which card (not knowing whose is whose) wins. The judge gives the green card to the winner, which acts as the score.

Lack of pop culture historical knowledge is somethings a hindrance to Cael. 
The judge can use whatever criteria they want to choose a card; strictly speaking you aren't supposed to pick antonyms, but whatever. Anyway, I think the official rules say you go until someone has five green cards, but that can take forever. We usually go X rounds and then highest score wins.

Teagan wins the "Cute" card. Cheyenne wins "Sno-cone."
Opinions: I like Apples to Apples well enough, but I've played with people who are just fucking tedious to play with. They either use the most slavishly literal methods of choosing cards, or they pick things based on the weirdest criteria. Weird is fine, but if you're picking "Ebola" for "Cute," something is wrong.

Fortunately, this game wasn't like that, though it was interesting how many cards Cael won by just randomly picking a red card, since he often didn't know who the people on the cards were.

It's a good game to get to know people, and a lot less likely to cause fistfights than its nasty clone, Cards Against Humanity (which I have not played and have no interest in playing), but once you do get to know people, you know their trumps. "Pigs" is one of mine.

What? Pigs are funny.

Keep? Sure.