Thursday, January 1, 2015

Board Game: Alea Iacta Est

Michelle and I played this game the other day, so I took some pictures!

The Game: Alea Iacta Est
The Publisher: Rio Grande Games
Time: 20-30 minutes
Players: Me and +Michelle Lyons-McFarland

We were looking for a game that works with two players. There are games that are designed for that kind of play, and games that technically can be played two-player, but work better with more. This is one of the latter games.

In this game, you're playing Roman emperors trying to amass power and fame. You can do this by taking over provinces, bribing senators, praying to the gods of fortune (this doesn't happen in a two-player game, so I'm not sure how it works), and yapping in the forum. How do you do this? Matching numbers, baby.

Michelle, preparing to take over Rome.
You roll a bunch of dice, and then arrange sets in various places. The forum requires sequences of numbers, the military requires matched sets, and the senate requires individual dice or two totaling five. You can use some or all of your dice in turn, but then you reroll them and you have to use them all every round. They just might wind up in the latrine, which grants you rerolls.

My strategy was "I'll take over the world, that makes sense."
Opinions: So, I'm not generally a huge fan of set-collection games, because they're boring. Yahztee! doesn't make any sense to me; like, couldn't you make up a program to randomly generate sets of numbers for you while you go and play a more interesting game? But this game requires you to do different things with the sets and otherwise make decisions, so it's a little better. I really want to try it with more people and see what that does.

Keep? Sure.