Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Vampire: The Penultimate

Last night was Vampire. So, here we go!

Last time, Mordecai, Heath, and Delphine found themselves at the door to the suite, looking in on Myra in a blood-stupor next to the body of a security guard. Heath considered his options; killing isn't forbidden, but he knew that since it was at his place, he'd be held responsible for any Masquerade breaches. He was contemplating what to do when Morgan, his head of security, told him about another situation.

In another room, they'd found a butchered body. The victim was the dude Myra had fed on earlier in the evening. Heath told Morgan to bring the big SUV around and load up shovels and bags and so on, and made a somewhat flippant comment about paying Morgan is bonus. Morgan walked off, a little aghast, and Heath felt his Beast rise (he had a breaking point, but didn't lose Humanity).

Delphine went down the hall to put the blood they'd taken into storage. In the cool, she saw the silhouette of an owl. This chilled her - she knew owls to be omens of death.

He went back to the room and questioned Myra. She said she hadn't killed the other guy; he'd been alive and happy when she left. The characters helped clean up the bodies and headed out to the desert. Mordecai, meanwhile, put a call in to his sire, Thomas Pilate. He told him about the incident with Myra's sire, and Pilate noted that. He didn't, however, have any idea how to find a Night Doctor - that might be a better question for Annabelle Fry. Mordecai put a call in to her, too. He also got a call from the museum - a reporter had stopped by. Apparently the baby, Ben, had vanished from foster care. The characters were shocked and a bit appalled, but they had other fish to fry in the short term.

Out in the desert, they started digging. Heath, going on autopilot, had taken them a spot in the desert he knew. Myra uncovered the body of a young boy and froze; they looked, but didn't feel like digging further. They dumped the bodies (well, the body and the bags with the bits) into the hole, and when they turned to go back to the car, they saw a woman leaning on it - Dawn Waiting Snake, the most respected and powerful Crone in the area.

Dawn asked Heath why he didn't come out here - she figured that would be an area of interest. He said he'd been busy with city stuff; she said he'd always been a shitty Dragon anyway. She recognized Delphine and asked about her family, saying they were a strange lot. And she recognized Mordecai - "family resemblance?" she said.

Dawn walked off, and they started to head back. As they did, Delphine heard an owl call, and heard it say "Rachel." She told Heath to drop her at home so she could be with Rachel. The others went to the casino. Annabelle called Mordecai back and listened to his problem. She said she'd think about it. Heath went to his office and started doing business things.

Myra activated blood sympathy to see if she could find her sire. She did - he was still in the hotel. He claimed he hadn't been there long, but had to find her and see her. They wound up "playing" a bit, and Myra lost control a bit and took some blood from him (and regained Willpower through her Sadist Dirge).

Next night, everyone woke up. Delphine texted Rachel and heard her phone go off in the apartment. Freaked out for a minute that something might have happened, she grabbed the phone and headed to the coffee bar where Rachel was just getting off work.

Heath got up, still somewhat dazed and pensive, and took a call from Morgan - there was a vampire ("looks like one of your type of people, sir") looking for the poker game. The vampire introduced himself as Richard...Delphine's father (both her biological father and her sire).

Mordecai did some tours at the museum, and then went to a casino to take a meeting with the fellow who had supposedly worked on the "mob vault." The man introduced himself as "Charlie," and asked Mordecai some questions about himself and his origins. He wasn't willing to provide much detail about the vault, but did ask what was in it for him if he showed Mordecai (after all, it's a mob vault). Mordecai made some vague references to have resources, but Charlie figured that meant he didn't have much in the way of money. He said he'd think about it.

Delphine told Rachel that they'd take the night and have a date. Rachel said a friend of hers was an assistant in a new magic show that was opening up. Meanwhile, Mordecai contacted a friend who got him show tickets and asked what he had - he felt like seeing a show to take his mind off things. By curious coincidence, his friend had a ticket to a new magic act.

Heath, meanwhile, talked with Richard and verified via birth and Embrace dates (which Heath knew) that he was who he said he was. He told Heath he was trying to find Delphine, and said that time was a factor - she was in danger.

Meanwhile, at the show, the magician was making use of mirrors and illusions. At the end, he called Rachel up on stage, made her "disappear" using a series of mirrors, and then smashed them.

Delphine heard a voice from behind her, telling her not to turn around. She did anyway...and came face to face with her grandfather (also her grandsire). But his eyes were yellow and sickly. She used Auspex and realized that he wasn't in control of himself, and he was unafraid.

"This is what you do with your gift?" he said, nodding toward the stage.

"Where is she?" asked Delphine.

"She's going to die," he said, and then vanished in a flutter of wings. Rachel reappeared, unharmed.

Delphine ran up to her, and introduced her to Mordecai. They went to get a table at a bar, and Delphine called Heath to tell him what was going on. He mentioned that her father had been to see him, and then she came to the table, and saw her father, laughing with Rachel.

Delphine, displaying all the subterfuge of a brick, introduced him as her father (the age is a stretch, but it's plausible). As they talked, Richard (her father) warned her that her grandfather was out to get them, and that they weren't save. Delphine decided to head back to Binion's.

They regrouped in the safe room, and she revealed to Rachel that she was a vampire. Richard demonstrated Celerity, just to stave off the inevitable "you're crazy" discussion, and Delphine revealed that her grandfather was dangerous. She called Maeve Blackwell for help, but the second Maeve heard "yellow eyes" and "owls," she hung up.

Rachel, furious and confused, left, saying she needed a walk.

Heath, meanwhile, was in his office. Prince Martin called him up, and told him that Maeve had spoken to him - something was going on that had her terrified, and this mystical BS wasn't really his thing. His solution to such issues was just to burn things.

Heath asked, "what's the insurance like on Binion's?"

Martin responded, "If you want to be nice, you give people time to get out. You want to be realistic, you keep it as much as surprise as possible."

Heath nodded, looking around his office. "Realistic."

Next time, the finale.