Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vampire: Fire, blood, and breaking points

Yay Vampire!

So, recall that last time, Myra got munched (not in the good way) by a Larva (ew), but escaped with minimal damage. The coterie piled into one of Heath's SUVs and headed back to the under-construction building, and crept in, being all sneaky-like.

They didn't get far in when the Larva attacked, tackling Myra (mostly by virtue of positioning) and pulling her to the ground, trying to bite her. Note, too, that the other three characters had Obfuscate and were therefore harder to notice.

Mordecai, thinking (or at least acting) quickly, lit up a Molotov cocktail and dropped it on the Larva. Now engulfed in flames, it ran, but collapsed into dust shortly thereafter. Myra wasn't far behind, but Mordecai pulled off his jacket and put her out...but she was very nearly dead (she had one box of damage that wasn't aggravated).

The characters helped Myra to the car, and headed back to Binion's. They knew how to help Myra - blood and time - but they also had heard that fire scars vampires permanently. Heath told Mordecai that as long as Myra was out of commission, he was going to cover her salary from Binion's (since she couldn't work).

The got back to Binion's, and Heath and Delphine decided to head to the hospital and find someone to pay off for a large quantity of blood. Mordecai stayed behind to watch over Myra, and to make some calls - he'd heard of a group called the Night Doctors, an offshoot of the Carthian Movement. He called up Dex, the Hound (who is Carthian-affiliated), and Dex asked if this was about the building that was burning. Mordecai confirmed it was, but said they'd destroyed a Larva and things got out of hand; Dex seemed to sympathize.

A bit later, there was a knock at the door. A well-dressed vampire stood there, and introduced himself as "Robert." He asked Mordecai what had happened, and Mordecai let him in to see Myra. Robert shut the door, and knelt down to Myra - and she recognized him as Roberto Aiza, her sire. She told him what had happened, and he got up, and walked back out into the office where Mordecai was waiting. Mordecai noticed he was furious, just on the edge of frenzy, and tried to head for the door. Roberto attacked.

They scuffled a bit; Roberto managed to throw him down and bite him, but Mordecai got free and escaped the room. Roberto went back into Myra's room and said he'd tracked down Mordecai, but Myra ordered him not to take revenge, and he agreed. He asked what he could do; she said to bring her blood. Moments later, he came back with one of the security guards. Myra drained him dry, and wound up losing two points of Humanity (one from the breaking point, one because, as a Ventrue, she lost her only Touchstone with that seventh dot, and now she has a month to find a new one before she gets Languid). She also, for the record, lost her Striking Looks Merit, but picked up Acute Senses (yay Sanctity of Merits!).

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Heath bribed and convinced a young orderly to steal him a bunch of blood. It took a couple of hours, but they left with a cooler.

Mordecai grabbed a lost tourist, fed on him (but did not kill him) and left him in an alley. He met up with Heath and Delphine and explained what was happening, and then they went upstairs and found Myra, blissed out and blood-drunk, with the dead guard next to her.

"Why is it that you can't seem to hold on to a coterie, Heath?" Mordecai asked.

Two sessions remain in this story.