Monday, December 1, 2014

Notes for the Pilgrimage(s)

Notes for Promethean. Players quit reading....


wait for it....


OK. So, really I have the plotline of this story more or less going, though I need to fill in some details. I also need to do milestones and stuff, though.

So, Promethean 2nd Ed asks players to determine the Refinements and Roles that their characters need to hit to achieve the New Dawn. I could do that, I suppose, for my group. I'd need to send them the list.

I think, actually, that I'll wait until this story is over, and then do that for the next story. That way, we take as read that the Roles that the characters are working towards in this story are part of their Pilgrimages.

So, let's think about Chicago. The characters have learned the Charles Rivers was Calogero, a Redeemed Promethean. They've taken that as evidence that the New Dawn is possible, which is kind of cool. And they've found his files with a coded cipher.

My thinking for those files was that they're basically notes on the supernatural scene in Chicago; vampires' names and hangouts, known mages and werewolves, probably weirder things, too. Actually...hmm. It'd be interesting if this cipher depended on a reference that the characters don't have, but who would Calogero trust with that information? Let me think on that.

We've got the following forces at work:

  • Andrew Write's throng. Andrew needs to make sure Rivers' killer gets away. He doesn't necessarily know that, though. He's interested in the willful taking of life, meaning that he and the throng actually have something to discuss, should it come up. Persephone, meanwhile, is stuck in a Role, and if/when she acts against it, she'll immediately cause a Wasteland to bloom, which could be bad for everyone. 
  • The Pristine Order of the Auric Chalice. They want Calogero's secrets, sure, but mostly they want Vitriol. Getting their hands on his notebook (where he painstakingly figure out how to do some alchemy without Vitriol) would make them happy, but at the end of the day they're still interested in the characters' innards. 
  • Maxwell Clarke, Prince of Chicago. Calogero knew Clarke, and while Clarke never really understood what Calogero was, he respected the alchemist. Calogero made Clarke (and other supernatural interests in the city) promise not to go revenging in his name when he died, no matter what happened; Calogero maintained contact with the supernatural world, but he wanted to die human. The characters violated that when Enoch used Corpse Tongue, but I figure Calogero would've let that slide. However, Clarke also (now) owns the warehouse, through a number of false fronts, which means that when the alarm went off, Clarke sent an agent to look in on the place. By now he knows the files and money are missing, so he's putting a bloodhound on it. Trey "Loki" Fischer sounds good, though of course he's only good at night. 
So that's a pretty good start, actually. I'll have to wing some things, but I can live with that. Now, milestones, but I don't need to list those here.