Thursday, December 11, 2014

Character Creation: Toypocalypse

I got this game in a bundle, and never really thought much about it, but then earlier today I asked folks on my G+ feed what game I should do, and +Jonathan Lavallee suggested this one. And I gave it a look, and y'know, it's interesting.

The Game: Toypocalpyse
The Publisher: Top Rope Games
Degree of Familiarity: Reading it now, kinda like it. It's only 18 pages long.
Books Required: Just the one.

So, Toypocalypse bills itself as like Toy Story meets Roanoke Colony meets Lord of the Flies. There's been some sort of Armageddon and the toys have come to life. The game can involve war between toys as they try and set up a society, fighting off feral dogs, and worship of the Great Crafter.

Creating a character starts with picking a type of toy, which can be just about any plaything. I have one in mind. In my closet, in fact.

I have no idea what this purple snake guy is all about. I got rid of my (really extensive) collection of action figures when I was about 13 and going into high school, because I didn't think that older kids played with such toys. I wasn't wrong, but that's beside the point, I should have boxed them up. Anyway, this guy was part of a collection of such monsters, pretty obviously He-Man knockoffs, but they made for good villains. I think I kept the first of any collection that I'd bought (the fact that I remember which was the first in any given collection says something about my brain), so I kept the snake dude. Also he stood up consistently because of the tail.

Anyway. My four Attributes are Will, Cognition, Versatility, and Intensity. I start at Normal (1d12) for each, and I get 4 points to bump them. So I could bump them all to Good (1d10+2), or I could specialize.

I want a high Intensity, so I'll use three to bump that to 1d6+6. And then for the last one, I'll bump Versatility to 1d10+2. He's a villain at heart, he doesn't have much in the way of Will.

Now I figure my Defense, which is 7 + half my Versatility or Will modifier. Since I don't have a Will modifier, it's 8 (half my Versatility modifier, with is 2). My Intuition, likewise, is 7 + the higher of my Intensity or Cognition modifier, or 10.

My Pneuma, kind of the strength of the animating force that drives me, is 7 + the lower modifier or Will or Cognition, so for me it's 7. Morale does the same thing but with the other two Attributes, so for me it starts at 8. At start of play, I'm beaten down, demoralized, and brutalized - 3 Pneuma and 4 Morale.

Now, Characteristics. I get one from each category.

Condition: I'll take Cracked. I've been out in the sun and my plastic has cracked.

Facets: I'll take Lost. The snake-man knows he should be somewhere, but he can't remember where or why.

Movement: I'll take Legs, since the toy has...legs.

Cognition: Apparently we choose a sense. Are these enhanced sense, or am I deaf if I don't take Hearing? Hmm. Well, I'll be weird and take smell, since I'm a snake-man.

And now, a Power, if I want one. I might as well. I'll take Super-Strength. He's got those rippling muscles, after all.

Now, a Social Role. I think I'll be a Contrarian. It's the closest I can get to being a villain. Basically I want to accomplish my goals using weird and subversive methods.

Finally, Goals. I have a Public Goal and a Private Goal. I think Snake-Man's Public Goal is to secure a base of operations, preferably someplace dark and moist. His Private Goal is to recover his friends, the other "villains" of his team. What then? He doesn't know, but he knows that they always followed his lead.

Personality-wise, Snake-Man is confused. He doesn't talk much, because he's not used to having to say much; he was a villain, and not one from a popular franchise. But he had a team, and now they're gone, and he knows he's missing something, something that helped define him.

It'd be interesting to see this guy - tagging along with a group because he doesn't know what else to do - reconnect with his villainous "heritage" and then either choose to reject it or redefine it. Might depend on how invested the other PCs are in being "heroes."