Thursday, December 25, 2014

Board Game: Ghost Stories

We knocked a couple of board games off the list at the holiday party, so let's do those posts, since I have a slow-paced day today.

The Game: Ghost Stories
The Publisher: Asmodee
Time: An hour, give or take
Players: Me, +Misha Broughton+Fredrick Martin-Shultz+Stentor Danielson

 In Ghost Stories, four heroes are trying to beat back the forces of spectral doom. Every turn, a ghost comes out and appears in one of the four characters' play areas (you can play with only one person, but all four heroes are represented either way). They're color coded; each hero has a special power. I was playing the red dude, and I could fly, moving around the board quickly.

Misha being worshiped by the dead.

When ghosts appear, they can haunt locations. There are nine locations on the board; if one is haunted, though, it flips over and you can't use its special power. But the larger problem is that if three locations get haunted, you lose.

Fredrick puzzling over the rules, which are not especially clear.

You fight the ghosts by rolling some dice and matching the colors that come up with the ghosts. You can also use special powers on the village locations and on the hero cards to get rid of them. Basically, the game has a lot of moving parts.

Behold: Moving parts.
Opinions: I like this kind of game, but I gotta say, this one's tough. If we were playing it right, it looks like to win, you need to destroy all the ghosts in the stack, and that stack is big. Plus there's one nasty ghost in there that we never even saw - the Wu Feng ghost is kind of the boss, but killing it doesn't end the game. Fredrick said he'd never seen this game won; my friend Rob is a fan, and I'm interested to play it with him and see how it works with someone who is more experienced.

The game is really pretty, though, and once you get going it seems to make sense.

Keep? Sure.