Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vampire: Chomp

Last night was Vampire. Let's get to it!

The characters split for the day last time, and woke up the following evening. Delphine resolved her Lethargic Condition, and Mordecai his Competitive. Thus unburdened, the characters decided to feed. Delphine set up her Tarot stand and cold-read someone into following her into an alley for a more "thorough" reading. Myra seduced a guy at Binion's and took him upstairs. Heath set up one of his famous poker games, and left some poor sod mostly drained (but alive). His security chief, Morgan, asked him, "hospital or morgue, sir?"

Delphine went to work, waiting tables as usual. She met another vampire sitting at a table, and approached him. He introduced himself as "Bob," and said that he'd been in Vegas before, but wanted to make sure he didn't step on any toes. He asked who claimed domain here, and Delphine told him. Then he asked after Myra, and Delphine that she came in her, too. Bob then locked eyes with her and Dominated her, telling her not to tell Myra that he'd asked about her, and dropped a $100 on the table and walked off.

Mordecai was at work, running his museum. He did some digging into a pet project of his - a rumored earthquake proof vault constructed by the mob. He got a call from Gus, the bus driver who'd tipped him to the house holding the baby a few sessions ago. Gus said that he'd met an older man who claimed to know someone who'd helped build it. His knowledge of dirty Vegas was otherwise sound, so Gus was hopeful. Mordecai told him to set up a meet.

Myra walked down to the artists' row where Mo Fuji used to sell her photos. She talked to a couple of folks, and learned that Mo had been there the night before, but then a man on a motorcycle had chased her out (probably Dex), and she'd run off. Myra followed her trail to a construction site, where she found blood.

She followed the blood inside; it was enough for her to think someone had bled out. But then something jumped on her back and bit her, ripping out a chunk of her neck. She fought it off, thinking it was Mo, but it was a man in construction worker gear, looking dead and grey. She Dominated it and asked it why it attacked her, and it rasped, "hungry." She fled.

Back at Binion's, Myra burst into Heath's office, bloodied, and told him about what had happened. Heath called and left a message for his sire, Courant, the Koagion. She rounded up Delphine and Heath called Mordecai, and on the way back to the place, Myra told them what had happened. Mordecai asked why she'd been to see the Prince, Myra told him it was none of his business and lashed out with the Seductive Beast to distract him...but they wound up just distracting each other.

En route, Heath stopped at a red light, and a man got into the car. It was Courant. He confirmed the character's suspicions that what Myra saw might be a larvae. Mordecai noted that he'd heard of Kindred actually controlling these things, and Delphine recalled lessons from her Crone schooling talking about the First Descent (the Embrace) and how some folks never made it all the way back. Courant posited that a Larva was "half an Embrace," and the characters guessed that maybe Mo had tried to Embrace someone but been interrupted.

They arrived, and Courant wished them luck. They shut off their phones (for stealthy!) and went in.

Meanwhile, back at Binion's, Morgan surveys carnage. "I know she took someone up here," he says to the other employees, "but why'd she cut him open?" He calls Heath's number, but gets not answer. "Clean it up, I guess."