Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Show Must Go On: The Plot Thickens

Monday we played Vampire, and it's Thursday, and I'm just now getting around to the write-up. I'm a baaaaaaaaaaad GM.

So! Last time, the characters rescued a baby from the clutches of a vampire who'd clearly gone 'round the bend. Delphine discovered her girlfriend had been fed upon, and the hungry vampire in question was someone of her line - that'd be either her grandfather or her father. Delphine spent the day in the hospital with Rachel, while the others crashed at Binion's. They woke up that evening to discover Myra had left early.

Delphine, meanwhile, talked with Rachel's doctor. The official verdict was "looks like blood loss, but who the hell knows anymore". Delphine talked with Rachel, and failed (dramatically) a roll to keep her poker face when Rachel asked what was going on - Rachel knows that Delphine knows more than she's saying. Delphine took Rachel home, and then contacted Maeve Blackwell and asked for someone to watch the apartment. Maeve agreed, but told Delphine she owed her a favor.

Meanwhile, Mordecai decided to step out and feed. He tried to get somewhere with charm, but bombed that (seriously, there's someone in every Vampire game that just can't get it together for feeding). Finally he got frustrated, went outside, found someone in an alley and bit him. As he was walking about, he saw Myra get out of a limo. He felt another vampire's presence inside that limo, but didn't get a look at who it was. He approached Myra, and they went into Binion's to talk with Heath and figure out their next move. Delphine arrived about the same time.

They figured they needed to track down Mo, and Heath has the best way to get anything, including information: SCADS OF MONEY. He started downstairs at the casino, spreading money around, getting the word out that he was looking for Mo. It took a few hours, but word came back; a guy remembered seeing her at an abandoned building near the Downtown Grand. Heath had the guy keep looking, and sure enough, in a bit longer someone was down in a security room who could help. A guard took Heath downstairs, and he found a woman obviously in the deep throes of meth addiction; lost teeth, scratching at herself. She identified Mo, and said she'd been at a McDonald's near the highway (and also near the Downtown Grand), scaring truckers. Heath gave her money and sent her on her way, and rounded up the others.

They checked out the abandoned building. They saw flashlights inside. They went in (they can see in the dark just fine, yay Kindred Senses!) and found a couple of folks, one of whom had a camera. They were urban explorers, they said. The characters asked them some questions; neither of them had seen Mo lately, but the photographer knew her. They showed them some found-object art that Mo had done (complete with chair legs bent with strength no human could muster). Myra kicked on Majesty to get some more information, and learned that sometimes Mo turned tricks at the McDonald's up the road (a lot of truckers through there). Dazed, he snapped a picture of her. "Hope that turns out," she said.

They went up the street to the McD's, and Heath immediately got approached by a sex worker (who pushed past her instinctive distaste for him; he's a Nosferatu). He paid her off for information, and she said that she'd seen Mo last night, getting into the truck of a delivery truck. Said truck was still there, so the vampires went over. Heath used Touch of Shadow cloak it, and they checked - the driver was in it, dead, throat ripped open. They opened the bad, and found that the bread had been piled up into a kind of nest, but it was empty.

Heath figured now it was pretty much untenable to try and protect Mo, so he called Thomas Pilate and revealed what he knew. A moment later, the prince called him back. Martin revealed that he'd tried summoning Mo (fun fact: the "summon" power doesn't appear as standard issue in Vampire 2nd Edition, so we have to assume that Martin has a Devotion that allows it), but it hadn't worked. Now, that was hardly foolproof - there might just be someone physically holding her back - but Martin told Heath he needed to get this figured out. Delphine called Maeve and asked for thoughts on how to resist summoning; Delphine thought it might be possible magically, but just as possible physically. Delphine decided to knock off and head home to Rachel. Dex, the city's Hound, arrived to take the truck and the corpse away.

Myra and Heath headed for Binion's. Mordecai, meanwhile, decided to try and figure out if all this chaos from Mo was due to someone deliberately messing with Prince Martin. He decided he'd cozy up to Chloe Requi, a Mekhet and Harpy. He tried digging into who owned the limo that Myra had gotten out of earlier (to use as bargaining chips), but no luck. He found Chloe at the blackjack table at Bellaggio, and started chatting with her (using Social Maneuvering). He eventually managed to open all her Doors, and she said that if this was someone trying to weaken the prince (which was possible, but roundabout), the best suspect was...Heath Newman. After all, he'd vouched for Mo but had been unable to find her, didn't catch her when he had the chance, and he had been involved with no fewer than two different coteries over the last few years, all of whom had been involved in some weird goings on. And, one of his employees - Myra, right? - had been to see the prince that very night.

Mordecai noted all this, and won a bit of money at blackjack.

Meanwhile, Delphine had gone home. Her landlord said there was a package in the office for her, and tossed her a key. She was a vampire with a stake in his heart. She raced upstairs and checked on Rachel - she was fine, but she'd heard a thud earlier. She went down and removed the stake from the guy's heart. The vampire (a Circle of the Crone named Rod) had been watching Rachel's place on assignment from Maeve, and had only seen a blur before the stake went in.

Delphine went back upstairs, and curled up with Rachel.