Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Promethean: We Played On Monday

I forgot to do this yesterday, and I know from experience that if I want too long, it fades from my brain like a...brain fadey thing.

So! We begin the story on April 25, 2008. The characters have decided to visit the Shedd Aquarium, and, as groups do, they drift apart. Avalon goes to pet stringrays, while Grimm catches a movie. Matt, Enoch, and Feather walk through the shark tunnel, and Matt puts his hand up to the glass to see if the sharks can feel electrical impulses. The others notice an older gent look at Matt's tattoos.

They greet him, and Feather notices he looks frail and sickly. They also notice he has a pilgrim mark tattooed on his hand, which they interpret as "leave me in peace." Feather asks if he knows what it means, and he says he does, and they part company.

Later, Grimm is wandering through Amazon rising, and sees the man take a hit off his inhaler...and then collapse. He runs over to try and help, and sees that the inhaler has blood on it. Paramedics rush in, and Grimm is nudged out, as the other characters walk up to the crowd. And then Azoth calls to Azoth...four other Prometheans are nearby.

Matt recognizes one of them; Andrew Write, one of the Prometheans created by Lurch. They were separated after a fire. Matt greets Andrew warmly, and Andrew introduces his throng: an Ulgan named Persephone (who speaks infrequently and is preoccupied with the spiritscape around her); an Unfleshed named Legion (composed of nanites in some kind of suspension gel); and a Frankenstein named Rusty Nail. Grimm charges his Vitreous Humour Alembic so he can see infrared as well as spirits, but only notes that Persephone has minor spirits crawling in and out of the rents in her flesh, called her "Mama." He also takes the Synesthesia Condition rather than flare disfigurements.

The other characters keep watching - the man dies, and is closed up in a bag. Grimm realizes he pocketed the inhaler (he just got these arms, he's not used to them), but keeps that to himself. The nine Prometheans decide to go grab a bite and talk.

Avalon, fascinated to meet another Unfleshed, talks with Legion about his components. Legion, for his part, seems to identify more with Feather. Andrew tells the group his philosophy - after he died and went to the River, he decided to stop living as though his fire might go out at any time. Instead, he tries to live his life to the fullest, to keep himself burning brightly, and perhaps he can meet the New Dawn.

Speaking of that: Enoch mentions that the old man who died might have been a redeemed Promethean. He was old; he might have died of old age. Andrew seems disappointed by that, but then Persephone notes a murder-spirit hanging around in the cafeteria (Grimm confirms). She says that spirits eat spirits of the same type, growing more powerful, but this one is weak - probably just attracted by the murder. The idea that the old man was murdered seems to excite Andrew, which is of course disturbing. Legion, too, upsets the characters a bit when he mentions deliberately creating a Firestorm, but Enoch calms somewhat when Legion mentions it was a painful lesson.

The murder spirit goes on the move, heading toward the kitchen. Worried it might try to kill someone, Feather charges her Control Alembic (to use Many Hands Make Light Work), and Avalon and Grimm sneak into the kitchen. They see the spirit slip into an office, and they listen, but Grimm blows a Stealth roll. They're ejected before they hear much, but they do learn that that man in the office is talking to a big-time donor to the aquarium, and that the name of the deceased was "Mr. Rivers."

Grimm still doesn't trust these people, so when they split up again to go back into the aquarium, he gets Enoch alone and shows him the inhaler. Grimm sniffs it (and takes damage for his trouble) - there's a powerful poison in there. Enoch isn't able to tell him much, but recommends he talk to Avalon.

The Prometheans part ways after a while, but Andrew gives Matt a number and says to keep in touch. Grimm mentions that he travels and meets other Prometheans, so if they have messages they wish to have delivered, he'll do it. Persephone asks if he knows Marty Black, but she doesn't have a message for him - they parted on bad terms.

Grimm then shows his throng the inhaler. Avalon analyzes it, and discovers that the man's full name was Charles Rivers, that the inhaler contained mercury cyanide (enough to kill a person in three or four hits), and that it was tampered with. Charles Rivers was murdered...but who is Charles Rivers?