Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Show Must Go On, and On, and On

Last time, the characters were headed out to Henderson to try and find evidence of a missing baby. They found the neighborhood, which consisted of several cul-de-sacs (much like the development in Fright Night), but weren't sure how to proceed (Delphine, likewise, was nervous because her grandsire, also her biological grandfather, dwelt in the area). They drove around and checked for abandoned houses, and decided to use their heightened Kindred senses to check for blood. And, indeed, the first house they checked (through sheer luck), they found it - the scent of blood so overpowering that it drove Mordecai to show his fangs. Heath lashed out with the Competitive Beast and cowed him, and they headed toward the house.

Mordecai and Delphine went to the front door, and saw, through the window, that the walls had blood-smears. Heath and Myra went around back and found the back door open, and bloody footprints leading out toward the desert. Heath listened (and the player got an exceptional success and the Focused Condition) and heard footsteps - whoever it was, they weren't far away. The vampires took off, Heath using Celerity to catch up. He saw the woman - a vampire he recognized, an unaligned Gangrel name Mo Fuji, carrying a bundle. She saw Heath and looked terrified, and then threw the bundle behind her.

Heath, deciding to gamble on that bundle being the baby, jumped to catch it. Moe zipped off into the desert (Mordecai tried to catch her, but the Competitive Condition skunked him a bit).

The vampires regrouped and discovered that the child was, in fact, in the bundle and very much alive, if hungry and scared. Heath called Detective Moore and asked her what she'd like to do about this; Moore said to give her the address of the abandoned house, wait until they saw police lights, and then skedaddle. They did, and in the house, Mordecai found a burner cell phone, completely dead. Heath tossed another burner down, and they headed back to town. As they left, Heath got the nagging feeling he'd been here before.

Heath called up Pilate and told him they'd found the baby and that he had a suspect, but didn't reveal who (knowing that Pilate would probably tell Martin, Martin would probably summon Mo and then kill her). He told her makeshift coterie what he knew about Mo; she was unaligned, sold information to Heath on occasion, fancied herself an artist. Mordecai also mentioned that her name had come up in the context of "Heath has stuck his neck out for this person". He charged the burner cell they found, and discovered calls to Heath, a couple of other burners, and a house in the same neighborhood in Henderson - which Delphine recognized as her grandfather's. Reluctantly, she called the number and got an answering machine. Her grandfather, it seems, is out.

They weren't sure what to do next; they knew they wanted to find Mo, but weren't entirely sure how. And then Delphine got a call from Las Vegas General. Rachel was in the ER.

Delphine drove there, as the sun was rising, and managed to keep her roused (with the Lethargic Condition) and get into the ER with minimal crisping. A doctor told her that Rachel has stumbled out of her apartment, knocked on a neighbor's door, and collapsed. She was presenting with symptoms similar to massive blood loss...but there were no wounds.

Left alone with her, Delphine scoured her body and found a dropped of blood on her neck. Licking it up, she realized it came from a vampire...of her line. Grandfather? Or had her father finally reappeared? We shall see.