Monday, October 6, 2014

Promethean notes!

So! Here's what we've got for The 7th Angel going into the next story:

  • Avalon: Up the mountain, had adventure, followed Amanda Palmer around on tour, wound up in Chicago with the tour. Currently working on the Follower Role. 
  • Grimm: Got license to bounty hunt (Alternate ID: Craig Wizowski), learned grappling, stole body parts from morgue (Spare Parts), acquired car, drove to Chicago to meet throng. Currently working Stalker Role.
  • Feather: Worked on establishing a new identity (Alternate ID: Robin Schwartz), joined JCC in Skokie, IL, got basement studio apt. Currently working Bodyguard Role.
  • Matt: Hung out in Hollywood to research James Canaday, bus to Chicago, (Alternate ID: Matthew Paul Anderson). Currently working on Mystic Role. 
  • Enoch: Got a place on the west side of Chicago and is working on Scientist Role. 
So we ended in January, 2008, and we're gonna take 4 months downtime, picking up in later April, 2008, in Chicago. 

OK, then, let's take some notes. 
I've actually run two Promethean stories set in Chicago. In asking the players stuff they'd like to see, two of them asked to meet another throng of Prometheans. I like that idea very much, in no small part because it'll let me introduce some of the other Refinements, including Phosphorum. In fact...hmm. 

Let's say there's a throng of Prometheans in town that's following a trail of Pilgrim Marks across the country. I might even used one of the characters from Burning Bright, which was where we were first introduced to Matt, but I'll noodle that later. But anyway, these Prometheans are following a kind of destructive path - the leader of the throng is on Phosphorum, pursuing the Psychopomp Role. One of the players wanted a murder mystery, so I think we'll work that in - the other throng is trying to keep the murder secret (the Light-Bringer doesn't know it yet, but he makes his Role if he helps the murderer escape Chicago, which requires he learn who the murderer is). 

So maybe the first session is seeing the murder happen, or finding the body. Probably the latter, since I'd be too afraid of the PCs catching the killer if they see it happen. Unless it's poison. Ooh. Like maybe mercury. At the Shedd Aquarium, since Michelle wanted that.

OK, good start. So, for next time:

  • Figure out universal milestones for PCs
  • Add some prescribed milestones
  • Either figure out instinctive milestones or figure out what to ask players to firm them up
  • Stat NPC throng
  • Figure out victim and killer - OOH. Killer should be an alchemist.