Saturday, September 20, 2014

Warehouse 13 Finale

Can't believe I forgot about this all week. Argh.

Well, anyway, last time, the characters learned that there were apparently two Blaines, a big ghostly pirate ship romping around killing people to recruit them, and we decided to grab the magic "make all the dead things alive" gem and take it to the ship, and then burn it.

Memphis and Blue drove the van into the ship, while Charlotte and Raji bailed before that. The ship immediately became solid (trapping the van in the hold), and some of the pirates - Blaine included - also had bodies. Fake-Blaine (the one that the characters had been romping around with to date) teleported up to the crow's nest, still ghostly, looking for his chance.

Pirates attacked! Raji set the ship on fire, but the captain (Jack Snow, recall), called down ice to extinguish it. Blaine did what he does best, beating the snot out of pirates, and Charlotte jumped up on the boat and joined in the fray.

Down in the hold, Memphis rigged up a weapon using the gem and a flashlight, weaponizing it. She shot a couple of pirates and saw them age to nothingness.

Fake-Blaine teleported to her and assumed his real form - a young, blond, American man wearing a Dolphins shirt, with a bullet hole in his chest. "I'm Steve," he said. "No time to explain. Just fire that thing where I show you!"

Blue wasn't thrilled, but Memphis, curious as to what would happen, fired it. It put a hole in the ship. Steve jumped up into the beam...and fell to the deck, alive, but barely (the bullet wound became real as well).

Captain Snow jumped down into the hole, followed by Blaine, but Blaine was now out of the gem's radius and wasn't solid, so couldn't attack. Steve moved off to the side and Blue went to stabilize him. Blaine told Snow to stand down - he was the captain of the Poseidon's Due.

"Blaine?" said Snow, slowly figuring out what was happening. "But...we were doing this to avenge you. Because you were betrayed."

"No, mate," said Blaine. "I died in London, warm and safe and surrounded by my grandkids, in my inn."

We turned around and saw Shore/Jameson digging up the ground. He unearthed an object, which he handed to Blue, and thanked us for breaking the cycle. Now he could rest, and now Blue was Regent.

Steve, still bleeding, revealed the truth about himself - he'd been a con artist and drug running in Miami and had been shot and dumped in the ocean. He'd come back as a ghost and impersonated Blaine when the Warehouse crew came calling. The characters decided he'd make a good intern for Memphis, and Steve (not really having a lot of say in the matter), agreed, provided he got a visit to a hospital first.

The ship disappeared, leaving the characters in a burnt-out cornfield, and they saddled up and headed for town.