Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Show Must Go On - Season Four (notes)

So last night we made characters for a new Vampire: The Requiem story, in this chronicle. Said chronicle predates this blog, meaning if you want to read about it you either go to RPG.net or you poke around in my Livejournal, which is labyrinthine.

I've run three stories in this game, all with a different cast, but always with some overlap (usually +Matthew Karafa). I read through the previous stories, and holy cats, they're dense. There are a lot of names flying around, lots of vampires in Vegas, which only makes sense.

So, the first story ("The Extras Union") was pretty unfocused. I know what I was going for, but I should have adjusted the story to fit the new players and characters. As a result, it was good, but it wasn't as tight as the ones that followed.

Second story ("The Week of Roses") was directed by Robert Rodriguez, I think. Lots of death and people speaking Spanish. It ended with the characters in a locus in Corpus Christi where they managed to remove clans entirely, changing the face of Kindred society.

Third story ("Six Cards, Six Shots") was directed by Quentin Tarantino. That is, just as much violence and murder, but with a kind of more po-mo/organized crime slant, and entirely in Las Vegas (plus, poker tournament and lots of important characters).

So, just for the goddamn hell of it, here are the PCs through this chronicle:

  • Heath Newman (Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul): Owner of Binion's and now a new, Japanese-themed casino off-Strip. Appeared as a PC in "The Extras Union" and "Six Cards, Six Shots" and made a cameo in "The Week of Roses" playing the PCs in poker for their blood. 
  • Padma Gupta (Daeva, Ordo Dracul): Clubber and drug addict. Appeared as a PC in "The Extras Union" and hasn't been seen since. I rather suspect she's still in town and has drugged herself into draugr status somehow. 
  • John Marconi (Ventrue, Ordo Dracul): Fixer and problem-solver, probably should have been Invictus. Appeared as a PC in "The Extras Union" and cameo'd in the next two stories. I think he's probably grown in City Status and become a fixer full-time, working directly under Courant (the Koagion). 
  • Lindsey Sandford (Mekhet, Ordo Dracul): Scholar and sociologist, appeared as a PC in "The Extras Union" and cameo'd in "The Week of Roses" to tell Aaron McCaskill about banes. She was fairly well-appointed within the Ordo, so I think she's still in town studying the Kindred condition. 
  • Aaron McCaskill (Mekhet/Jones, Ordo Dracul): WWI soldier and utter nutbag, not especially well-regarded in Vegas, but somewhat infamous. PC in "The Week of Roses" and referenced in "Six Cards, Six Shots." He owned a pawn shop in Vegas, so I think he's probably still around. 
  • Alice Storms (Daeva/Carthian): Embraced in the 70s along with her boyfriend, generally doing the "lusty vampire" thing. PC in "The Week of Roses". Stayed in Vegas, but who may have moved on by now. 
  • John Taylor (Mekhet/Carthian): Ex-CIA spook, Embraced in Afghanistan in the 80s. Acted as a kind of voice of reason (as a PC) during "The Week of Roses", and left Vegas thereafter. 
  • Adele Bergeron (Daeva/Circle of the Crone): Embraced in the 30s while traveling to see family, doing the unlife of a bon-vivant in Vegas. Wound up becoming the somewhat unwilling protege of Dawn Waiting Snake during "The Week of Roses," and left Vegas thereafter. I imagine she's still learning Cruac somewhere. 
  • Louis Duquesne (Nosferatu/Carthian): Was a cop in New Orleans until his Embrace, then wound up in Vegas. Shares a sire with Maeve Blackwell and Granjera (now dead). Was a PC in "The Week of Roses," and hasn't been seen since; might have gone home to New Orleans. 
  • Edric Simons (no clan, but sort of Mekhet-ish/Carthian): Sent from Chicago to accompany Bella Dravanzie. PC during "Six Cards, Six Shots." Went home to Chicago thereafter. 
  • Christian Geist (no clan, but very Daeva-ish/unaligned): Club kid and dancer. PC during "Six Cards, Six Shots." May have gone walkabout afterwards, possibly to Bone Valley. 
  • Miranda Walker (Mekhet/Carthian): Gambler/math expert in Vegas to beat the house. PC in "The Week of Roses" and "Six Cards, Six Shots." Now runs Newman's Japanese-themed casino. 
  • Marena Calia (no clan, but feels Daeva/unaligned): Lounge singer, former thief, embezzler. PC during "Six Cards, Six Shots." Now a dancer and singer at the Japanese-themed casino. 
  • Reverend Morris Jensen (no clan, but Gangrel-ish/Lancea et Sanctum): Lancea et Sanctum enforcer, killer, and confessor. Was a PC during "Six Cards, Six Shots" until Christian diablerized him in frenzy. 
Now, for this story, our PCs are:
  • Heath Newman (see above). Known issues: Humanity is 5, which means no Touchstone unless he buys the Merit. A bunch of XP, but under the old system. The current Coils system leaves me a little cold.
  • +Matthew Homentosky's nameless yutz: Mekhet/Invictus. Runs a nostalgia museum in Vegas, stays at Binion's. Embraced in the 60s and once shook Sinatra's hand. Looking to increase his standing in the covenant. Known issues: Needs Aspirations and a name.
  • Myra Siegel (Ventrue/Invictus): Embraced only recently, leaving behind a young son (Tyler) whom she gave up for adoption. Worked as a pro-domme and was Embraced by a client. Still does the work, out of Binion's. Known issues: Her Touchstone should be on 7, since she's Ventrue. Needs 1 more Merit dot. 
  • Delphine (Mekhet/Circle of the Crone): Her (mortal) family has a weird, magical history involving vampires; her father, who was supposed to kill her for not being a boy, instead Embraced her at 18. She's a cocktail waitress at Binion's, and wants to Embrace her girlfriend. Known issues: Needs to spend 3 more Merit dots, needs a last name.
Now some notes that players shouldn't read:

So, I'm looking to make this story less gonzo and more Jim Jarmusch. That's not to say not violent (his films are typically very violent), but with a slower pace and more surreal, and more focus on characters and connections. Blood and Smoke does that nicely with the Touchstones, and our Touchstones are a scalper (Cool Hand), a girlfriend (Rachel), a little boy (Tyler), and a security guard (Morgan). 

It's a very social group, too. Not much in the way of combat skills, but lots of knowledge of the secrets of the city, connections to folks, and a couple of social Style Merits. And then there's Newman, who's very focused on Ordo stuff like finding Wyrm Nests. Hmm. 

I think delving into Vegas history, which I've heretofore ignored in favor of what's happening now, might be fun. Especially since Delphine wants to get out of Vegas, and to find her father. I think, though, that I need questionnaires for these characters so I can make this more personal, dangit. So I'll do those up.