Monday, September 15, 2014

Board Game: Mimic

The Game: Mimic: Safari Edition
The Publisher: Funmaker Games
Time: 20-30 minutes
Players: Teagan and me

Game Play: Mimic has a bunch of "mimic cards," which have kaleidoscope-esque pictures of jungle animals in three different colors, "start cards" (just black with a star design), and "power cards" (cartoony, out-of-place monkeys drawings). The idea is to lay your cards down, two at a time, so as to form sets - a set is four cards, all the same color, with two different designs. But, you can only build out from a start card (you start with one in the center), and you can only build out three cards from the initial start card in any direction. When you form a set, you put a "score cube" down on the last card in your set.

Teagan is nonplussed.
Object is to lose all your score cubes. Power cards can be used to move cards, eliminate them, play a third one, and so forth, but you only get to use each one once.

Opinions: I think this game is actually pretty decent, but it's hard to know, because I'm still not sure if I was playing it right. The instruction booklet is composed of a series of lists, explaining the rules for each type of cards, but there's never an especially well-composed "order of play," and the instructions are unfriendly and hard to parse. That said, we started one game, decided we were doing it wrong, started again, and Teagan figured it out and won, so there's that.

Now she's plussed.
There's an "advanced" version of play that we haven't tried, and it supposedly works with three people. I need someone smarter than me to read the rules, apparently, because I still feel like I'm missing something.

Game designers, if you can't explain things well, get someone who can to write your rulebook.

Keep? Yeah. If I can figure it out, I think it'd be a good time-killer.