Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to the Warehouse

Sure, I have a minute.

So, last time, there was this ghost ship, and we ended with a guy committing "suicide." As Blue and Blaine discovered, though, not so much. Blue talked to the coroner, and something held the poor guy underwater and then chucked in the radio after the fact. The bruising on his chest indicated an oval shape, and it didn't quite map to handprints, but Blaine opined that a ghost using telekinesis could accomplish much the same thing.

Back at HQ, Raji and Memphis did research in their own way. Figuring that the Poseidon's Due turning up in the middle of nowhere (landlocked middle of nowhere, even) probably had something to do with Blaine, Memphis rigged up a meter to link Blaine's signature to the ship. Meanwhile, Raji did some digging into actual books and found legends of a ghostly pirate crew that drowned people as a way of recruiting. This seemed a promising line of inquiry.

Blue and Blaine returned, and using a rotating dispenser of rooms (this is apparently something on Warehouse 13 that I haven't seen yet) to find a room with a bathtub. Blue got in it, with putty on her chest to hold an imprint of the TK force, and Blaine held her down (no water, obviously). Blaine was strong enough to keep her down, and the imprint on her chest looked much like the bruising on the victim's - this seemed to lend credence to the story. Memphis' device recorded Blaine's activity, and linked to an object off her scope (but her range on the gizmo was limited).

Figuring that might be the ship, we headed to the van, but then Memphis noticed her blips doing something strange - there was still a blip in the warehouse. She and Raji went back to check, while Blue and Blaine stayed by the van. Memphis found the blip by the rotating rooms, but it wasn't moving. Blue told Blaine to punch her, which he did (reluctantly), but the needle didn't move. Blaine teleported back to the room, and the blip there merged with him, which made Memphis think that she'd just been reading residue. Blaine teleported back, and Blue shot him with a Tesla, just to see if it caused any activity. It didn't - Blaine was now separate from the line.

But Blaine did mention that the Tesla had caused sensation, which prompted Memphis to ask when the last time he'd felt anything had been. Blaine mentioned the gem that made him solid, and then there was activity on Memphis' scope again. She tracked it to the gem, and Raji thought he saw something there, but then it vanished.

"I think," said Memphis, "we may have a ghost."