Friday, July 11, 2014

Who are your favorite Chill characters?

Something interesting happened when I posted the playtest game the other day. A couple of people commented that they remembered those characters, and it made them happy to see again. 
Doing a nostalgia product is risky in some ways. You want the game to be recognizable, but not a reprint. You want to give the players who know and love the game the feelings they had when they played it back when, but you want it to be accessible to new players and to have something fresh to offer. I'm not ready to post mechanics yet - that's coming, so watch this space - but having run some playtest combat and had some really good discussion with the other writers, I like where we're going.
So here's the thing: We're going to do a Quickstart for our edition of Chill. Right now, the plan is that if you back the Kickstarter (which I'm thinking we'll launch in September, but I will get specific the very instant I can), you get the Quickstart, free and clear, download right away as soon as you pledge. Once the Kickstarter ends, we'll put the Quickstart up on our site and DriveThru RPG for free. 
I have some cool ideas for the story of the Quickstart, but I want to include pre-generated characters and I want them to be characters from the second edition books. So, who are your favorites? Do you like Basil "BB" Bottomley, our Australian bounty hunter with a bola from the core book? Did Red Hounseen in Horrors of North America take your fancy? How about the SAVE family, the Fergusons, two of whom show up in Apparitions? Tell us who you like in the comments! Who would you want to see in our Quickstart?