Friday, July 11, 2014

Board Game: Red Dragon Inn

The Game: Red Dragon Inn 2 and 4
The Publisher: Slugfest Games
Time: 20 minutes or so
Players: Me, +Dirty Heart+Matthew Karafa+Amanda Slanker+Michelle Lyons-McFarland+Matthew Homentosky

Monday we switched our Warehouse 13 characters over from Unisystem to Savage Worlds, which didn't take long, so we decided a board game was in order.

Game Play: The idea here is that you're a bunch of adventurers (murderhobos) who have just come off the job, and now you're drinking and gambling. Everyone has a deck representing a character, and a meter representing Fortitude and Alcohol Content. Should the two meet, you're drunk under the table and out. Likewise, if you run out of gold (you start with 10), you're broke and have to sleep in the stable. Decks of cards have various ways to damage other players, force them to drink (everyone also drinks at the end of their turn), and start gambling.

I'm the only one actually drinking, however.

Now, there are actually 4 iterations of the game, and they have unique characters with various niftyness in their decks. I have 2 and 4, and 4 (which was Kickstarted last year) is the "Crimson Drake," which is a ship, and you can play with Sea Event cards. Stuff like "get attacked by a giant squid, everyone loses Fortitude," that sort of thing.

Opinions: I quite enjoy this game, and I like that all the versions are modular so you can play with a mix of characters. We did use the Sea Event cards, and that added a wrinkle, but it doesn't seem to make or break the game.

The Captain, before she got sloshed. 

Keep? Yep, and I might even buy the other versions if I find them.