Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pirates: Last Voyage of the Poseidon's Due

Last night we played our last session of Pirates of the Spanish Main (we will, in two weeks, begin our last story of our Warehouse 13 game). There are photos this time.

So last time, we captured a ship, the Archangel. We made them follow us to the island, where we found that we couldn't fit the larger ships into the cove where we needed to land. Blaine gathered the Spanish pirates on the deck of the Archangel, and had the captain explain to them that they would stay here and mind the ships (Blaine wasn't worried about them leaving; the Archangel was too badly damaged to make it anywhere).

Georgina noticed that a few of the Spaniards were apparently planning to rabbit anyway, so we took those guys with us as red shirts.

We piled into longboats and rowed through the shark-infested cove to the shore, and then packed up and headed inland. We wound up in a cave, which led to an underground lake. Blaine sent a Spanish sailor in to check it out...and a GIANT GODDAMN TENTACLE GRABBED HIM!

You think I am kidding? SIR I AM NOT.
The battle was joined! The tentacles were tough as hell, but we managed to hack a few off. And then the giant octopus grabbed two of our guys and crushed them! Georgina managed to stomp one of the tentacles off (still not sure how she managed that), Maddie led our sailors to battle, Francois cast one of his armor spells and started hacking, and Blaine, in true Blaine style, leapt through the air to stab at the main body of the cephalopod.

In the end, we killed it, and it sank into the lake, turning everything black. We maneuvered around the pool (except Francois, who fell in and had to be rescued), and then found a four-posted bed with four chests on it (lowered, apparently, into this cave by the original pirates who found it).

Inside the chests, we found money like whoa, a weird crystal skull (that the Dutchman took, as per the agreement), and letters of marque from England, France, Spain, and Portugal. The true treasure of the Dutchman, indeed.

Blaine took the six Spaniards onto the Due (fuck it, they'll learn English), and recruited the Archangel to sail under the flag of Captain Snow. Now no longer hurting for money, the crew of the Poseidon's Due set sail again, building up their reputation, passing into pirate legendry.

Georgina eventually marries a proper British navel gent, and passes away some years later after contracting a disease in her duties as a doctor.

Morgan continues drinking, fighting, and pirating, and eventually blows herself up lighting the wrong fuse.

Francois, after retiring from piracy, becomes a hougan living in a shack somewhere, and disappears one night after summoning something he can't quite put down.

Maddie buys a small island stocked with pretty men, and becomes a port of call for the Due while they still sail.

And Blaine eventually goes back to England, buys the tavern his parents owned, and dies in his bed as an old man, many years later.