Saturday, June 21, 2014

Better Angels Prep

I need to clean my freaking table, too, which also counts as Better Angels prep, but I can't do that by typing. Wait, I should try. Um. And then the jars of dry-roasted peanuts were suddenly IN THE PANTRY!


Nope. Ah, well.

Last time, we spent a lot of time focused on Livi, who was dealing with her social worker who is, obviously, a member of the angelic cult once assisting the Radiant.

At present, the cult knows that Livi is a Hellbinder, is possessed by a demon (though not which one), and they are planning to try and exorcise her. Her parents are complicit in this, but the cult doesn't know the proper order of things - they don't know that in order for Livi to have a chance at getting free, she needs to reject her demon for a protracted period of time (that is, raise her Insightful to 5). The best they can do is lower her Cruelty (sliding a couple of dots would raise her Open), which is groovy and all.

The cult also knows that three other Hellbinders are involved, and they pretty strongly suspect that Willa is one of them. They also suspect that Creature is involved, but I don't see the need to bring her back; I think she's pretty much limped off unless something happens.

So where's the damn fiddle? The cult has it, but they don't have the bow (which Willa has). They need both components to use it (and anyone can play the fiddle; it's not a matter of musical talent, but a matter of will - Insightful Honesty to play it). The Stygian bow lures demons out, but the music sends them to Hell - that's the plan, anyway.

The fiddle is being kept at a police station in Decatur, in an evidence locker. The guy manning the locker is a cultist, but he's not there 24/7, so if the characters do a little legwork (which they won't) they can learn which guys there go to church.

Peter, injured in battle with Iceman last time, was taken to the cult's doctor. About that time, the disc he was carrying opened, and the angel inside entered him. So if the PCs do something stupidly public again, Peter's gonna roll up on them. And using the handy app for Better Angels, I have statted him!

So right now, everyone's at the hospital, and they're going to try and take Livi and do an exorcism. I need some shit to happen so they can play with their traits, and I need them going for the fiddle or revealing that they have the bow so Peter can get involved.