Monday, May 5, 2014


Man, I'm behind on this. Kept putting it off this week, and, well...obviously I've had shit going on because I haven't done any characters, watched any movies, or done a post about Amazing Spider-Man 2, all of which I want to do.

I've got things in the works. Wheels are turning.

Anyway, last week we played Pirates (we're doing so again tonight, rather than flipping back to Dresden, because Michelle is writing a paper and hasn't had brain to prep for running a game). You'll recall, perhaps, that the pirates were headed to a pub called the Bucket o' Blood to search for the elusive Dutchman.

We got to the bar and split up. Francois went gambling. Morgan inserted herself into a group of lads drinking and proceeded to drink them under the table (it tickles me to no end that our elderly lady gunnery master is getting famous for her booze-fu). Blaine chatted with the bartender, Georgina went collected skin conditions (everybody's got a hobby), and Maddie used the power of her shapely bust to sprunge some information.

The Dutchman, you see, was the alias of Sir Thomas Moldyfort. Asking for the Dutchman got us nowhere, but asking for Sir Thomas eventually got Maddie pointed to a gent drinking alone in the back of the bar. She approached him, chatted him up, and convinced him that we were the crew to help him find his Devil's Skull.

We hung around a while longer, drinking and generally shooting the breeze, and then headed back to the ship. Sir Thomas joined us, and Blaine rather drunkenly introduced the crew, and asked which bit of the "good Christian man" (since that's apparently what the Dutchman required to retrieve his treasure) was most important - Blaine was a Christian and man but not good, Francois was good and man but not Christian, Georgina was good and Christian but not a man, and Maddie was...probably none of the above. Maybe Christian.

We decided that Georgina was probably closest to what he needed, and we resolved to set sail on the morrow! Blaine, however, keeps his new pistol close. Last guy who commissioned the Poseidon's Due to find cursed treasure turned on us...