Saturday, May 10, 2014

Board Game: Ticket to Ride

So, a while ago we had a game day at +Heather McMillin and +Aaron McMillin's house, and played Ticket to Ride. I forgot to the do the write-up, but I did take pictures, so I should do this.

The Game: Ticket to Ride
The Publisher: Days of Wonder
Time to Play: 45 minutes, give or take.
Players: Me, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Heather, Teagan, Aaron? (Now I can't remember if Aaron played and the pictures aren't helping.)

But look at the cute baby.

Game Play: Very much like Ticket To Ride - Europe, except the map is USA (and parts of Canada), and there are no tunnels or train stations. This is the version that came first, so it doesn't have the same degree of complexity. That does make it bit more kid-friendly.

Cael did not play, though he probably could if he had the attention span. 
Opinions: I love this game, and I like Europe better because I enjoy the degree of strategy and complexity that the extra rules add. But this version is light enough to be played quickly, and easy enough for new players to pick up fairly easily.

Teagan's got a pretty good sense of it, in fact.
Keep? Yup.