Friday, April 4, 2014

Pirates! Pirates and also zombies!

Monday was, actually, the Warehouse 13 game rather than the Pirates of the Spanish Main game, but pirates were involved, so.

Last time, the characters were out on the Isla del Rio de Muerte, and Blaine had met Zapata, the weird sorceress lady holding the gem we were after. We decided to head towards said lady, as promised, and let Memphis and Blue do some negotiating.

Well, sure. But as we got closer, Blaine started to solidify. Rather than risk coming under the full power of whatever this was, he elected to hang back. Charlotte wound up joining him when she realized her heart was beating (which is an uncomfortable sensation for a vampire).

The others, inside the temple, spoke with Zapata, and she revealed that she was trapped there. The characters offered to shut down the gem on her headdress, and she eventually agreed. She also showed them a locket with a picture of her (as a young girl) and her father...but her father was Shore, the man who'd sent us here.

Memphis goo'd the gem, and they started walking out...but Zapata got younger, and the radius of undead weirdness went with her. It envelope Blaine and Charlotte and they started to come to life again, but they backed up out of the circle. Along the way, the others decided they ought to goo the locket as well. When Memphis goo'd the locket, it sent off sparks and reacted the way artifacts do when you defuse them.

At this, Zapata faded away, passing along like ghosts do when they finally rest in peace. It became pretty clear that this was probably what Shore had wanted with the artifact. We got back to Miami and figured that Shore might have faded and passed on as well. Memphis called him...but nope, he was there, and invited her out for Greek food. She was keen to go, but we decided (after some deliberation, and by no means unanimously) that we would just head back to base and let Walt smooth over any friction with Shore.

Heading back, Raji asked Blaine why he hadn't allowed the gem to make him solid. Blaine replied that doing so might have placed him under Zapata's control, or done something else he didn't like. And besides, now the gem and the locket were in the now he knew where they were.