Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pirates: The Devil's Skull

Sounds like a cool title, huh? New story in our Pirates of the Spanish Main game! I've been played Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, so I'm totally down for piracy. We even bought the sea shanty album!

So anyway! We open in Tortuga, with the officers from the Poseidon's Due going over the books and Maddie trying (vainly) to explain to Blaine how an abacus works. And then there's a ruckus - some of the local militia are trying to roust a fellow named One-Armed Jack (who actually does have both arms - pirate nicknames are weird and bawdy). We overhear them referring to a "proclamation" that he supposedly stole.

We have a quick conference. A "proclamation" could refer letters of marque or legal piracy, or some other valuable endeavor. Blaine makes the motion to get the proclamation and see if it's valuable; the others assent (Georgina, ever cautious, abstains). Blaine stands up and tells the guards that One-Armed Jack is under the protection of the Poseidon's Due, and if he's committed some crime he'll answer for it like a crewman. Blaine's intimidating manner (and the rounds of rum he's been buying; see earlier "abacus" issue) convince the crowd to be on his side, and the guards withdraw.

Jack joins us, and explains that he has a wanted poster for a fellow called "the Dutchman," wanted for crimes against the crown. Seems his ship, the Archangel, set upon a British ship and raided it, but some of the things he took were important to the Crown and now Jack is looking for him. He supposedly had a line on the Dutchman being here in Tortuga, but it seems he was wrong - the man is actually in Port Royal.

Blaine instructs Maddie to make whatever preparations we need to get to Port Royal. On the way out, a drunk guy draws on Morgan and challenges her to a drinking contest. She wins handily and robs him; Blaine grabs his flintlock.

We set sail at dawn, Maddie pointing out to Blaine that we're down to our last few coppers. Port Royal needs to lead to something. The Governor of Port Royal, Sir Kenneth, is happy to let pirates do more or less what they will, as long as they pay the docking tax. But Maddie is an old "friend" of his, and knows a secret way in to the city...but it involves swimming. We decide instead to have Maddie charm the pants off him (literally; this is referred to as Maddie "titting her way in"), and she talks her way to the governor and convinces him to waive the landing tax. He wants us, however, to come to dinner tonight.

We scrape together some clothes that are fit to be seen in and join Sir Kenneth at his home. There are a few awkward remarks as he assumes Francois is a servant, but this calms down and he tells us about the Dutchman. There are rumors about what was on that ship - notably a piece of the Devil's own skull that can only be retrieved by a good Christian man ("That's us out, then"), but mostly it's just about the treasure he nicked. But yes, he's supposedly in Port Royal, and Kenneth tells the crew that he's rumored to favor a tavern called the Bucket o' Blood.

Blaine stumbles a bit on the name of the place, but he's not afraid of a tavern with the word "blood" in it. No, by thunder! Next time, we go clubbing!

Tavern-ing, I guess! Yarr!