Sunday, March 16, 2014

Workin' on Sunday, part one: Better Angels

Played Better Angels yesterday, so I'm gonna do that write-up. I must say, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around this system. Maybe I'll start a thread over on RPG.Net and see if folks have thoughts.

Anyway, last time, the characters killed a bunch of cops, and Arvo met up with the woman who'd taken the amulet of Davros, formerly owned by John Calhoun, aka Ravenous.

So this time, we open in the morning. Arvo calls up Willa and tells her about that encounter. Livi, at home with her parents after her somewhat traumatic day of turning into a giant Komodo dragon and killing a guy, is watching the news and eating breakfast. She learns that the true identity of the Radiant, the angel-bearer that the characters killed in Olympic Park, is Frank Vittorio, and he was a mechanic in Atlanta. Livi borrows her dad's phone and calls Willa, and they conspire for Willa to come pick Livi up, posing as the aunt of a friend of hers, for a play date. Willa calls Gary and Arvo, and they all reunite, figuring to go check out Vittori's garage.

There's a city-wide manhunt going on for the people who killed four cops yesterday, of course, so the Hellbinders have to be careful. They get to the garage, and find that there are two undercover policemen in a car across the street, watching the garage. Gary and Livi go into a convenience store to get Livi a drink (he buys her a Monster, because all of these people are horrible), while Arvo and Willa scout the garage. Avro wakes up his demon, Nidhogg, and gets him to turn on Invisibility. He then sneaks into the garage and pokes around.

He finds a notebook that looks like it's written in decidedly different hand than the other invoices and so on that Frank had written. This one describes a plan to fly above the city and play a tune that would cause all of the demons to vacate their hosts. Arvo steals the notebook, and flips the switch that opens the door to the garage.

Livi, meanwhile, is fairly convinced she can drive, and her demon, Glasya-Labolas, agrees. It activates Giant (but just enough) and Livi takes the cops' car and tries to drive off. She fails, however, and his a light pole. The cops see her, and she gets out. They draw down, and start to call for backup, but Willa (having gotten her Wings from Baal), swoops in and grabs a cop, and drops him in a tree. Arvo, invisible, tackles the other cop, grabs his gun, and shoots out the tires of the cop car. He tosses the empty gun back to the cop and taunts him, and the characters leave the two terrified and confused police behind (got some Espionage increases, there).

They drive around a bit, stop for ice cream, and figure that after yesterday's shenanigans, Willa's house might not be safe for long. So they go to her place and grab her stuff, and take it to Arvo's hotel room (he doesn't actually live in Atlanta).

When they get there, they find the door open and the place is being tossed - by the woman Arvo met yesterday. She calls herself "Creature" and has grow claws and thick fur. She refuses to give the characters her real name, and mocks them for being so overt in their activities. She is looking for the fiddle, and claims she wants to destroy it. She knows about a cult dedicated to the angels, and knows they meet somewhere near the park. Livi mentions that she saw the men loading the fiddle into the car, but can't remember the name of the church. Creature takes Willa's number and leaves, promising to contact the characters if she learns anything. The characters, needless to say, do not trust her.

They take Livi home later on, and again find the door ajar - this time the frame splintered. Gary goes in and finds Livi's mother, alive but hurt, on the floor, and the characters see Creature with Livi's father pinned to the island in the kitchen. They get there in time to hear him blurt out "Greater Vine Baptist Church", and then she snarls and jumps through the glass sliding door, into the back yard.

But Livi is already there, and she's pissed. She assumes giant flaming Komodo dragon form, and attacks. Creature scores some hits on her, but between the fire and the strength, Creature is slashes and bitten into submission fairly quickly (an Enervating blast from Gary and a few Withers from Arvo don't hurt. Rather, they do). Creature surrenders and claims that she knows where the fiddle is. Willa tells Livi that she can always eat Creature later, once they have the fiddle, and Livi finally acquiesces, changes back to human form, and climbs up into the tree house just as the police arrive. Willa, Gary, and Arvo leave, taking Creature with them, and slip out of the neighborhood in a flurry of lights.

Next time: Strenuous negotiation!