Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pirates: Quick fight against zombies

Last time, the characters stepped off the boat on to the Island of the River of Death, and were greeted by a shambling horde of zombies.

The fight began!

Blue lobbed a Molotov cocktail into their midst and lit a few up. Raji followed suit, calling up Hellfire. Memphis grabbed her service pistol and started taking shots, while Charlotte drew her sword and sliced a few in half (the top halves kept wriggling, though...ew).

Blaine, figured he might not be a lot of help here, not having a body and all, teleported to where the gem was resting, based on a description from Blue. There, he found a woman wearing the gem in her headdress, flanked by undead mummy-like guards. She told him her name was Zapata.

Zapata commanded the zombies and the undead of the island, but seemed unaware that the zombies had reached the mainland. She agreed to try and rein in her creations and let the characters approach to parley. As they talked, Blaine felt himself growing solid. He actually had to open a door to get out, but the effect faded a moment later.

He returned to the group just as they were mopping up the last of the zombies. He told them about his meeting, and about how the gem had started to make him solid. They discussed options - yanking it away with telekinesis and dropping it into a bucket of purple goo - but Blaine reminded Blue that they'd made a deal with Shore.

Blue said, "I'm not a pirate. I made a deal. But you're a pirate."

Clever girl.