Sunday, March 9, 2014

Night's Black Noties

A few lines of blather, first? OK, then. Last time the agents decided they were going to Szeged to extract a man named Imre Szabo, a bookseller that has a copy of a diary that they think might hold some information they need. 

But we all know the truth. 

The characters killed Renate Bauer, and in the process put a serious crimp in the conspiracy's money capabilities. Vilmos Hajnal's immediate plan was kill the fuckers, but the agents have done pretty well with staying close the ground. The op in Pecs showed the conspiracy that the agents were still around and paying attention, but they've been good about keeping their contacts safe (read: keeping their Network people above 6 so I can't turn them). So the conspiracy sent out this "diary" rumor as bait. 

The diary is pure bullshit, of course. It was fabricated by an American artist and forger named Jessica Brown. Jessica is currently being held in Szeged, kept prisoner until the conspiracy has need of her (she did a good job forging the book, but if Hanover gets hold of it and spends a few hours analyzing it, he'll make it as a fake). Szabo is being held at a different facility; he's bait. The whole building is wired to burst into flames, and snipers are ready to deploy to be placed on the roofs nearby. This op is, unfortunately for the conspiracy, costing them money, and they need it to be productive. They've called in muscle from the street gang in Budapest, ex-cons from Budapest prison, and Hajnal's special security team. 

So, looking at Szeged, I think near the university is good. The conspiracy has actually set up near there, running a base of operations out of a restaurant (open late, the few vampires they have can pluck people occasionally - the conspiracy is getting more careful about body disposal). They need Szabo nearby, though, so they've got him stashed in a building east of the Votive Church. Snipers can be deployed to the roof of the church given 10 minutes' notice; they're staying in a boarding house down the street. 

Jessica is being held in the basement of the restaurant, with two vampires acting as guards. Frank Jones, now a puppeteer, is overseeing the op. 

I think that for today, they can investigate and be very, very careful so as not to get made. They come into this with Heat 1.