Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where am I? Miami.

Said the trigger-happy ex-girlfriend to the burned spy.

Anyway, last night was the first session of our second Warehouse 13 story. As we open, Memphis was doing computer things, Charlotte and Blue were practicing shooting, and Raji and Blaine were watching Firefly. Walt called us in for our briefing - we're going to Miami.

The situation was this. Three makeshift boats ran aground in Miami, carrying nine people (3 on each boat) from Cuba. They were dead, however. But then they apparently got up at the morgue and attacked people, and were shot. The doctor from the morgue was in a psych hospital. That's it! Go get 'em, tigers!

We flew down to Miami, and walked through the airport, Blaine noting that children here seemed to enjoy wearing plastic mouse ears for some reason. We decided we'd split up. Blue would go and talk to the police, posing as an INS agent. Blaine and Charlotte, being dead, decided to go the morgue and see if there was anything to find, while Memphis and Raji went to the psych ward to talk to the doctor.

Blaine and Charlotte found the exam room in question - it was taped off. They went in and looked about; still bodies in the drawers, and still blood and...green gunk...on the walls and floor. Blaine walked into the rooms across the hall, find an autopsy in progress and an empty office, so nothing outside of this room. Charlotte called Memphis for helped hacking the computer, and found that the Cubans (all with no names listed, obviously), had been brought in with evidence of being nibbled by predators and distended, green stomachs. The word "zombie" started to occur here. Blaine noted this society's obsession with paperwork and figured there had to be an incident report, perhaps kept on sight. Another call to Memphis, and we learned that the "zombies" had actually killed a guard, and the good doctor had taken his gun and shot the assailants.

Charlotte headed upstairs to wait for the others, and Blaine looked around a bit. He found the ghost of Joe, the dead guard, who initially told him he couldn't be here. He changed his form to be more "normal Miami guy named Steve" and less "pirate," and gently led the ghost into realizing what he was, and then asked him what had happened. Turned out the guard had dropped his gun, but his last thoughts had been of getting the doctor out safely. With that goal realized (she wasn't so much "safe" as "held for observation," but Blaine didn't see the need to split that hair), he vanished into a tunnel of light. "There's a sucker born every minute," mused "Steve," before turning back to Blaine.

Upstairs, Memphis and Raji were doing their thing. Raji called a contact of his in occult circles to ask about the dead returning and eating people. Zombies, sure, including the zombi created from voudoun poisons, but also ghouls, usually the result of curses, and more pack-focused than zombies. Memphis raised concerns that Raji was imparting state secrets to outsiders, but he assured her that he wasn't giving his contact any real information.

Memphis and Raji went upstairs to the psych ward, and Memphis talked her way into the ward with her "son", using a pseudonym and some TV hacking on her phone. She talked to Dr. Florentine, who told her that what she'd seen - bodies getting up off the tables - was impossible. Everyone kept saying so. Memphis convinced her (maybe, there were a lot of drugs in the poor woman's system) that she really had seen what she'd seen. She'd been cutting on a body, and all the others got up and rushed her. More evidence of a pack mentality.

Meanwhile, Blue talked to the local police. The lieutenant she spoke to (whose name I didn't catch) told her that the story about dead bodies getting up was obviously absurd; more likely there had been something going on between Joe and the doctor and there was a fight or something involving body desecration (look, that's flimsy as shit, but it's better than "dead guys bit me"). He showed Blue the "boats" they came in on, which were also flimsy as shit. They had a scrap of paper with notes in Spanish, and a diary, also in Spanish. She took these, and we all reconvened.

The scrap of paper was just navigation notes on how to get to Miami from Cuba. The diary was an account of their journey, which talked about sailing too close to la Isla del Rio del Muerte, or the "Island of the River of Death." Raji called around about that, and his contacts came up with pirate history. In the 16th century, two groups of pirates had fought it out over gold (or something) on this island. A century later, someone had supposedly raised the dead of that island, using a voodoo curse, to wreak havoc on his enemies. Blaine claimed no knowledge of this event; "I didn't know every pirate in the area, you know." Memphis opined that being a pirate would suck, stuck on a ship with no food but dried meat. Blaine said that it wasn't so bad, you just stopped and took on provisions at an island, or raided a ship. He mentioned that his boatswain wouldn't have allowed that anyway, being the decent fellow he was.

The diary, though, discussed one of the men getting sick after getting too close to this island. Something there started the illness that apparently led to the men becoming ghouls. The group decided that maybe going out to the island was a possibility, but how would the two mortals (Memphis and Blue) fare doing that? Would they become ghouls?

Questions for next time.