Friday, February 21, 2014

Prepping for Better Angels

We actually played through the first session in December, but then there was weather in January, so here we are. I have some ideas, but I think I had more ideas back then. I should take notes after the damn sessions. Ah, well.

So, this magic golden fiddle can control demons. Someone with the skill to play it can take command of a demon and force it to do anything, even vacate a Hellbinder and go to Hell. The fiddle has no particular effect on angels or angel-infused folks.

The fiddle was the property of The Radiant. The Radiant was an angel-hero; real name: Fred Vittorio. Fred's dead, baby, but he left behind notes about the fiddle and what he'd planned to do with it - fly high above the city, play the fiddle, and coax out the demons of Atlanta in one fell swoop.

A Hellbinder named Ravenous (real name: Dr. John Calhoun, professor of anthropology at UGA) was trying to get to the fiddle. Calhoun's demon, a vicious, nigh-mindless thing called Davros, didn't much care about the fiddle. Calhoun was thinking of getting rid of Davros using the fiddle, but Davros pushed The Radiant into a confrontation, and the result was the fight. Davros reappeared in its amulet (a shark-tooth necklace), which is now being worn by a hippie girl named Meagan Burrows.

The Radiant used a Banish-like power on the fiddle and sent it away. Since the book doesn't say what happens to an angel when the bearer dies, we'll assume it ascends, so the angel part of The Radiant is gone for the foreseeable future. But Fred left behind notes; he planned for this contingency. He teleported the fiddle to the roof of the Greater Vine Baptist Church. He also left a note for a group of stand-up guys he knows to go and get it if anything should happen to The Radiant.

So, for tomorrow: The characters can investigate what happened to either of those two folks. They can go looking for the fiddle and find one of the guys keeping watch (fiddle's already gone). Burrows is going to invoke Davros pretty soon, and when that happens she'll come looking for Iceman (since The Ice-Man killed The Radiant, Davros figures that has the fiddle; Davros knows the fiddle is important, and uses that as a chip to get a little more slack on the leash).

Should be pretty workable, since I suspect we'll spend much of the time tomorrow going "how the hell does this game that we play once a month and a half ago work?"