Monday, January 13, 2014

Promethean Notes

Mostly I think we're on track, here, but just so I remember:

  • Avalon is sleeping next to the clock. If Leslie gets near it, it should tick louder. 
  • Ferdinand needs to dress Peter down for banging Brooke at some point today. 
  • Back to wedding prep. None of the wedding guests were hurt, and I can use that to drive a wedge between them and the PCs.
  • Olly saw Avalon's disfigurements. He doesn't know what he saw, but he's going to draw it, maybe consult with Damien or Babhi. 
  • Wolfpack backs off until dark, but is planning to kill Leslie tonight (Friday). Tomorrow is the wedding. 
  • Tonight: split bachelor/bachelorette party, with a special dinner for Ella, Ferdinand, Naresh and Anjali. 
Sounds good.